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Carl Dupper


TidyTask founder and CEO Carl Dupper’s entrepreneurial journey started out a bit different than most. At just 28 years old, Carl was named CEO at AdventHealth Winter Garden. The husband of a pastor, Carl led the construction of a $280 million hospital expansion and time became a commodity. “Between the two of us, our house just became a place where you drop off your stuff, sleep, then go back to work,” he said. During the second year of his tenure, Carl’s wife got pregnant with their first son and things got even crazier. Something had to give. Taking the advice of his parents, Carl looked outside his own walls for help. “For one weekend, I delegated our house cleaning, called a pickup and delivery laundry service, and we started using a food delivery service—all of which took an enormous weight off our shoulders,” he explains. Then in the midst of the pandemic, Carl received word that his company had made the decision to restructure. “It was at that time that I decided to make it my next life’s work to build a business that delivered that same gift of time back to families,” he states.


At 30 years old, Carl launched the home services business franchise TidyTask, and by 32, he’d franchised it. Specializing in cleaning and laundry service, the company gives customers the ability to delegate their own chores with a text message or just a few clicks in an app. With locations in Denver and Daytona Beach, TidyTask has served thousands of customers to date. As the leader of the organization, and president of TidyTask Franchising LLC, Carl leads the thriving startup. “Our goal is to help our customers, service providers, and franchise owners achieve freedom so their time can be focused on what matters most,” he states. With a recipe for success, the company puts special emphasis on their franchise process. “Helping franchisees move from a hectic life that they weren’t excited about to a business ownership situation where they’re able to prioritize what’s most important in life is really what drives me,” he states. His mantra: “Spend time doing what matters.” 


Carl holds an MBA and a LEAN Healthcare Certificate.


Carl Dupper

Founder & CEO — TidyTask



Facebook: Tidy Task

Instagram: @tidytaskllc

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