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Carl Markman is a dynamic sales manager with more than 20 years of experience in management, strategic planning, operations, sales and ethics. He began his career at an entry-level position with one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the country, helping navigate what is often a complicated process and fulfill the American dream of home ownership. Now as Director of National Sales for REMN Wholesale, one of the leading wholesale mortgage companies in the country, Carl and his team work with the independent mortgage brokers, community banks, and credit unions to ensure they have access to the types of mortgage products for the unique buyers and housing markets they work with across the country.


While Carl himself no longer works directly with borrowers, there is one thing he has seen first hand that leads to both a successful career in the housing industry. Customer service.


Customer service is the foundation that REMN is built upon and known for throughout the industry.


What many who don’t work in housing or lending realize is that mortgages are not one-size-fits-all products. And unlike any other purchase someone will make, the intricacies of the process are complex and difficult for the average person to understand.


There are multiple types of mortgage loans one can use when purchasing a home.

Most people who have bought or looked into a home purchase are aware of the common ones, including FHA, VA (for current and former members of our nation’s military), conventional, and jumbo loans for high-priced properties. But there are others, including renovation loans, an area where REMN is a leader with a loan category that many lenders don’t even offer.


Renovation mortgages are viewed by many banks as too difficult to implement compared to other loans, so few even mention them to their borrowers. This is unfortunate because these mortgages include funds to finance home repairs, which can turn properties that are out of date or lacking features into dream homes. Anything from new paint or roof to an open floor plan, kitchen remodel or even a pool can be financed as part of a renovation mortgage. REMN believes so much in these loans that it has an educational team that trains its broker and banker clients on how to show home buyers the affordable options these loans can give them.


When you search for top complaints regarding residential mortgages, you’ll see the majority of them involve speed. As a wholesale lender behind the scenes, REMN knows that the faster it works, the better its customers look to Realtors® and their home buying clients. This is why REMN also provides twenty-four hour response times to the mortgage brokers it deals with, helping to ensure everything moves as fast as possible for the home buyer involved.


Customer service is actually one of the chief reasons Carl began his career in the mortgage industry. It was his own frustrating experience financing a home in his early twenties that led to him making a career into lending, and his dedication to customer service that helped him succeed throughout his career.


“I was incredibly disappointed and frustrated with the mortgage process when I bought my first home. I knew there had to be a better way, but it wouldn’t solely be achieved through technology. Taking out a mortgage is one of the largest and most stressful financial decisions most of us will ever make. Because of that, I stress to the REMN team we need to go the extra mile to help ensure that the process moves as quickly and easily as possible for everyone involved.”


Carl’s vision for the mortgage industry seems to be working for REMN. In addition to becoming one of the top mortgage lenders in the country during his career, he is very proud to note that many of his team members have worked alongside him for nearly a decade, a rare feat in the industry and further testament to his skills as a leader.





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