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Carline appears in the 
Top 100 People in Real Estate magazine.

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Carline Mazard Saintilus

Carline Mazard Saintilus, an inspiring entrepreneur and visionary, serves as the CEO and founder of Title Geeks LLC, a minority-owned title company headquartered in Florida. Guided by a profound belief in the power of human connection, Carline has nurtured her business by placing the needs and aspirations of individuals at the core of her operations. Through her relentless dedication to empowering and educating Haitian American homebuyers, Carline has not only built a thriving bilingual business, but has also become a prominent figure within the South Florida community.


Born as the eldest of five children to Haitian immigrant parents, Carline possesses a deep understanding of her roots and speaks fluent Creole. Recognizing the significant Haitian population in the region, she has skillfully targeted and catered to this demographic, establishing meaningful relationships with Haitian American community. By emphasizing the importance of homeownership and guiding them through the intricacies of the homebuying process, Carline and her team at The Title Geeks have empowered countless individuals to achieve their dreams.


In January 2020, Carline embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture and founded Title Geeks. While currently practicing in Florida and Tennessee, she has plans for expansion into other states. Beyond their core services, Carline and her team have fostered strong relationships with clients based on trust and reliability. They go above and beyond the standard closing and escrow services, assisting clients with various needs such as setting up mortgage payments and obtaining permits for property improvements. To celebrate successful closings, Title Geeks hosts lively "Closing Karaoke" events, where clients can let loose and enjoy the joyous occasion. Carline witnessed the transformative effect of these celebrations firsthand, as clients' moods shifted from reserved to jubilant, highlighting the positive impact of their unique approach.


Carline holds an MBA with a concentration in organizational leadership.


Carline Mazard Saintilus

CEO and Founder

The Title Geeks LLC

Instagram: @thetitlegeeks

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