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Caroline Bellenger

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Creator of Be the Impossible

“It’s okay to love yourself first.” A simple philosophy that packs a huge punch. These are the words, and the mission, of life coach, motivational speaker, athlete, businesswoman, mother, and force of nature, Caroline Bellenger.

Caroline has amassed an anthology of achievements, some purposeful, others the product of what can only be described as a challenging journey. Her experiences, both good and bad, form the foundation for her incredible metamorphosis into a prominent advocate and inspiring role model for women of every age. Now, as the creator of empowering services devoted to women from every walk of life, she shares her unique tale and reveals the pitfalls and triumphs that cultivated her extraordinary narrative.

Caroline, you wear many hats, professionally. Can you tell us some of your current roles?

Of course. I’m a master coach for the Aaron Sansoni Group, the owner of Epic Pro Fitness company and Epic Pro Consulting, an author, and the creator of Be the Impossible.

Tell us a little about Be the Impossible.

Basically, it is an online learning platform that offers several courses, all of which were designed to motivate and educate women. Currently, we offer Goal Setting, Maximizing Your Life by Minimizing Your Drinking, Optimizing Your Mental Health, Avante-Garde Single Parenting, and The Nuts & Bolts of Business. The goal of our curriculum is to prove that once a woman realizes how amazing she is, she can do anything, regardless of her age or her past. So many women think that once they reach their 40s their options are limited. I’m promoting the message that you can always better your life, whether that be personally or professionally, there’s no clock on self-improvement. Regardless of what society has led us to believe, we are worthy of love…from others and ourselves.

Tell us a little about your methods. How does your coaching program help women?

Most of my clients have one thing in common—they’re not 100-percent happy where they are, but they feel like they’re too old to make a change. Many believe there’s no value in dreaming or goal setting.

As a coach, the first thing I do is learn about my client; her unique history, her likes and dislikes. Then I delve in to discover the underlying causes of the self-doubt, often using neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to reconfigure the constraints that create insecurity. As a trained master NLP coach, I’m skilled in identifying and interpreting the subconscious, which is where most of the solutions lie. Once I unearth the cause, I can craft the solution. It’s more than just therapy, though. I utilize practical techniques and actionable steps, followed by a mutual celebration of goal attainment. My experience has been that every time I’ve actually completed a goal, that’s when I get the increasing self-esteem and self-worth. Having someone applaud each goal encourages achievement of the next one. Other than feeling loved, what’s important to human beings is having someone who believes in you. For me, you can talk and talk about stuff, and that’s part of the process, but if you don’t then take actual steps to do something about it, you’ll never reinforce it as being true.

How does it feel to have helped so many women find contentment and obtain fulfilling lives?

My greatest joys are seeing other people happy, seeing them achieve things and thrive in life. I love giving, but there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that you’ve helped someone be happier. And it doesn’t have to be big stuff, but just to see someone smile and be genuinely happy in life is my version of success. I still wake up every day feeling like the luckiest person on the planet, and it’s not that I have everything that I desire, but I just have such joy for life, and I want this for everyone because it’s just an amazing way to feel.

Can you give us a brief synopsis of your courses?

Sure. Most importantly, the courses are very simple to follow, with detailed steps of what you need to do. The feedback we get is very positive because people love the authenticity and personal experiences that they can identify with. Also, I make myself available for questions, and that personal engagement is rare within the landscape of online training.

Some of our most popular courses are Goal Setting, which is self-explanatory, Maximizing Your Life by Minimizing Your Drinking, which offers strategies on how to enjoy your life with less alcohol, Optimizing Your Mental Health, which provides guidance for living with and managing psychological and emotional complications, and Avante-Garde Single Parenting, which dispels the myths of being the “perfect parent” by imparting the skills and understanding necessary to parent effectively.

Of course, not every woman needs to give up drinking and not every woman suffers from mental illness, but these courses appeal to the average woman…the woman who could benefit from less drinking, or just learn about emotional trauma, or could use some support in parenting. Society places so many expectations on women in these areas, and they need to know that they are not outliers, that there are so many others who have the same fears, face the same challenges, and seek the same answers. The courses help them understand that it’s okay to fail and struggle and be afraid, because real life isn’t always smooth sailing.

You left a successful corporate career to pursue a more humanitarian venture. How did this come about?

My corporate job became very toxic and the environment was rife with bullying and harassment. Being a female in a high-level management position made the situation even more difficult. I had to reexamine my priorities and find something that had meaning. I had acquired an extensive skillset through earlier roles in travel, IT, finance, and customer service, but one of my most gratifying experiences was in taking a small NPO and turning it into a large organization. I realized that I could take this expertise and create a sort of “guidebook” that would benefit others, and this concept evolved into my becoming a coach and the creation of the Be the Impossible model. Ultimately, this, in turn, led to writing my first book, Empowered Women Empowering the World, which chronicles the amazing stories of 15 empowered women who overcame personal adversity to achieve success in business and in life.

Lastly, we’ve eluded a bit to your personal experiences and the challenges that you, yourself, have overcome. Can you share a little of your backstory?

I don’t shy away from the details of my personal life. They helped to bring me to the place I am today, and sharing them may give other women the incentive to persevere. Early on, I suffered sexual abuse and battled mental health issues. I had lost my brother and my career was becoming less and less fulfilling. I was ill-prepared to face these issues alone and developed an alcohol addiction. Amid all of this, I felt my life spiraling and I knew I had relinquished control. It was not until the birth of my son that I started to gain clarity. I was at that time, self-loathing, but he gave me a sense of purpose and developed my inner strength. Although I was a single parent, I forged ahead, gaining the resilience I needed to take control of my life and change my situation. Ultimately, I quit drinking, found a new career, and discovered my true identity. Now, here I am, happy, healthy, grateful, and truly honored to help others to not only survive, but to thrive.


Caroline Bellenger
Title: Life Coach, Author, Founder
Be the Impossible
Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia

Credit for photo: Lana Noir Photography  |  @lananoir

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