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Carrie appears in the

Top 100 People in Real Estate magazine.

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Carrie Sieger


Having brokered over $50 million in transactions in just three years, Carrie Sieger and John Auletta have been a power team since combining forces back in 2018. Now, three years later, they, along with their small but mighty team, are on the fast track to becoming the top real estate experts for buyers and sellers across the state. Carrie leads a thriving team that provides expertise in investment sales, product analysis, market analysis, negotiations, and marketing strategies.


JTACR Real Estate Group is a boutique commercial real estate investment firm based in Dallas, TX, specializing in multifamily real estate, specialty resorts, affordable housing communities, and commercial development. Carrie and her co-founder began their partnership at a national brokerage. After working together for only 6 months, they knew that with their combined skills and experience they could create something amazing together. In 2019, the pair launched their own brokerage and soared, with $25 million in transactions in their first year, duplicating that in their second, and bringing on five associates to support their lightning-fast growth. 


The company’s media presence has also expanded. On two occasions, they appeared in the Dallas Morning News, publicizing large, local transactions; first, a historical building in downtown Dallas, which they brokered, and second, a large rodeo arena in a Dallas suburb. “We are building our physical and online presence both regionally and nationally,” states Carrie.  


None of this would have been possible had it not been for her pivotal decision to leave her previous career working as an ICU nurse for six years. Her history in that field taught her the importance of human interaction, something she has carried into her governing philosophy for JTACR.  “If I’m helping somebody buy or sell something, I listen to what their goal is, and work accordingly to make that happen,” she explains. “It’s not as transactional as it is individualized. We’re helping clients achieve their goals and obtain desired results.”

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