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Casey appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Casey Binkley

Casey Binkley is the founder of Movia, a unique Toronto-based, out-of-home advertising and media provider that combines data analytics with traditional OOH advertising. This makes Movia the only mobile billboard advertiser with unique GPS tracking and impression analytics technology.

He is a lifelong serial entrepreneur with a string of successful ventures, a former member of AngelPad, a seed-stage accelerator program that has launched more than 150 companies and has served as a Canadian entrepreneur delegate for the G20 in Argentina. With a head for business, the creative mind of a marketing authority, and the analytical skills of a tech expert, Casey leads this tech-driven company in its drive to increase the brand awareness of its clients with targeted truck-side advertising. “Before advertising, we were a full-blown tech company, and still are. Unlike traditional truck-side ads companies, our moving billboards use beacon technology for analytics measurement, and to serve retargeting ads back onto mobile devices that come in contact with the mobile billboard campaign—doubling their visibility and ad recall,” he explains.

Casey founded Movia in 2016, bringing to bear a cache of diverse knowledge, experience, and skills gained throughout an entrepreneurial career that spanned the recycling, manufacturing and distribution, special events, and gold mining spaces. Still, with an impressive history of success, he is a humble leader with a hardworking, personable nature and an unwavering work ethic. “I don’t feel like you are a top performer by delivering only on what you promised, but rather by over-delivering. I’m focused on building a profitable business and shooting for the stars at the same time,” he shares.

The idea for Movia was born in 2015, when Casey noticed that trucks had no advertising on them—they were blank mobile billboards that begged to be used for creative advertising. As he explains, “I thought this is an underutilized asset for truckers and advertisers.” He knew that companies were demanding more outdoor brand exposure while the supply of traditional billboards was shrinking, and he recognized that there was a critical need for data analytics to help marketers target their ads and expand their reach. He launched the data-driven, mobile billboard company a year later with an innovative truck-side advertising approach that would change the face of outdoor marketing. “Mobile billboards are viewed by 95 percent of people that go by them and are read by 85 percent of them—almost twice the attention that static billboards receive,” he shares.

Movia partners with trucking companies to provide premium outdoor advertising space on the sides and backs of delivery trucks and semi-trailers, and uses a proprietary tracking device that provides real-time analytics on impression data, location data, and frequency reports through Wi-Fi scanning of mobile devices. “When people leave the Wi-Fi on their cell phones, as the truck rides around, it picks it up. We measure those impressions, and working with mobile device retargeting companies, we can send messages back onto phones that come in contact with those trucks. And it’s driving huge results. For example, a recent execution for Modsy, a US online interior design service, produced a 14% lift in online conversions.

Movia’s fleet currently delivers over 2.7 billion impressions per month for its clients across North America and into Europe. Still, Casey’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive his team of marketing, advertising, and tech experts on their mission to innovate new ways to help companies gain an extra edge over their competitors through data-driven mobile advertising—and Movia’s clients continue to reap the rewards.


Casey Binkley

Owner — Movia

LinkedIn: Casey Binkley

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