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Cass T. Casper

As an experienced labor and employment attorney, Cass T. Casper is a true advocate for the rights of the working class. As the founder and managing partner of Talon Law, a boutique law firm that offers a wide range of legal services, Cass primarily focuses on labor and employment law.  His services also include estate planning, family law and civil defense.

Based in Chicago, Cass founded the firm in February, 2017 after working for over six years as an in-house attorney for a large labor union. He gained valuable experience in that role representing union members in the areas of collective bargaining, employee discipline and termination, pensions, contract administration and negotiation. Cass became frustrated with the limitations on services that unions provide their members and decided that he could better serve his clients and truly represent the rights of workers in his own firm.

At Talon Law, Cass focuses on employee worker and labor rights, particularly in the public sector for government and union workers. He adds, “We take an aggressive approach to defending workers’ rights.  We don’t file grievances, we go straight to federal court and file constitutional claims and we go into agencies and file appropriate discrimination and wage and hour claims.”

While Cass adds that he is pro-union, pro-worker and pro-labor, he is committed to providing a higher standard of service at a lower cost to workers and as result, he has become a strong competition for the union legal service sector.  Many of his clients today are workers that he previously represented while employed with the union. He provides alternative and more aggressive legal services to these workers as he will take their cases directly to state or federal court, which often produce much more positive results.

Talon Law continues to grow and is currently expanding to utilize technology to better serve their clients. They are in the process of creating app-based services for union members to request representation, making the entire process easier and more efficient.

Cass is dedicated to fighting for the rights of all workers and expertly uses his legal experience to fight tirelessly on their behalf.

Cass T. Casper, Attorney

Talon Law

Chicago, IL 60626

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