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Chad Addie

Chad Addie knows it’s difficult to build a creative career from the ground up because he’s done it himself. Today, as the CEO of Karben Studios, he’s helping imaginative minds in myriad fields establish their own dreams via coaching, SEO, graphic design, and marketing. Founded in 2016, Karben Studios encompasses Karben Marketing and Karben MGMT. The marketing branch serves multiple companies with graphic design and marketing services, while the management side represents artists like the Milwaukee Bucks’ official DJ, DJ Shawna, and LA-based pop singer, Tanner Howe. Chad’s multifaceted background gives him insight into what his diverse client base needs. While studying graphic design and marketing in college, he founded his first company, a clothing brand, where he worked with musicians, UFC fighters, models, and even Miss Teen Chicago. The brand gained national and international acclaim and helped to catapult his entrepreneurial career. He’s worked across a wide range of industries over the years from startups to Fortune 500 brands. Along the way, his skill and expertise have earned his agency numerous awards for web development, digital and social media marketing, graphic design, and more from, DesignRush, and VVerge. Driving it all is his passion for seeing businesses and artists flourish and achieve their goals, and he’s driven to help make that happen for every client that comes along. “I wanted to be more than just a graphic designer or marketer. Now I help people grow their passions and dreams. As an entrepreneur, I take great pride in that.”



Chad Addie

CEO — Karben Studios