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Chad appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Chad Nicholls


Insurance has always intrigued Chad Nicholls; he knew it would be where he focused his career, and he has done just that for the past 25 years, touching on nearly every facet of the industry. He started his journey working in claims, enjoying the investigational aspect of it and the ability to help customers. He then moved to the broker side specializing in commercial risks, and then to the restoration industry as VP of business development, where he interacted with brokers across Ontario and gained a whole new perspective on the industry. A subsequent position included director of claims for a brokerage, where he helped create a claims and vendor system for its clients, and finally a role as director of operations for various commercial properties, which led him to his next challenge.


With a passion for entrepreneurship and helping people, BluVu Drones was created. As CEO and founder of BluVu Drones Services, he discovered a way to use his vast experience and knowledge in a unique way. Aware that drones are used in many other businesses, Chad believed they could be equally effective in the insurance industry and set out to learn all he could about them. He purchased and registered a drone (he now has three), took courses on photography, photogrammetry etc., obtained his pilot’s certificate, and now uses it regularly at his company. “There are so many advantages of using drone technology in our business,” Chad says.  “For example, we can inspect 10 roofs in the time that traditional methods inspect two. We are the eye in the sky while feet stay on the ground, which is a much faster, safer, and efficient way—with better data and the ability to record preexisting issues to prevent fraud.” 


Knowing everything he does about the insurance industry, Chad is passionate about his belief that using drones will allow all these processes to be more effective. He is aware it is a matter of people adapting to this relatively new technology and is excited for the opportunity to educate them. “I like to challenge myself, and this is the best way to use everything I have learned in my career and to give back to the industry that has given me so much in my life,” he says.



Chad Nicholls

CEO/Founder — BluVu Drones Services




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