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Charlene Beckie

As CEO of Clem Geo-Energy Corp., a renewable energy firm specializing in wind energy and hybrid project developments, Charlene Beckie is the driving force of a company in a new and challenging market.  A strong advocate of clean energy with a cache of degrees and 18 years of experience in the oil industry, she handles all business functions ranging from deal, contract and partnership negotiations, financing, program planning and design, development, EPC, regulatory compliance and community engagement.  Her perseverance has driven her career from an oil industry technical role to successful entrepreneur. “I have dedicated myself to building projects from the ground level to produce viable projects in new industries,” she explains.

Founded in 2014 in Calgary, Clem Geo-Energy focuses on providing renewable energy alternatives and creating jobs in Alberta with motto: “Working Together for a Better Future.”  The company is diversifying the economy and has reached many of its milestones with two utility scale wind energy projects in Alberta, and a third hybrid wind and solar site.  “Private and public investment in renewables is becoming easier; investments in Canada offer a 100% tax write-off with flow-through shares and utilities now offer programs for support.”  Their teams are working on new deals in Atlantic Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, and are supporting new innovations, remediation, LNG and energy export projects, and developments in plastics recycling and clean water access for communities.

Charlene is determined to make Clem Geo-Energy a leader in the growing renewable energy space.  “I see our potential as being able to build Canadian business deals and projects and bring our expertise to the onshore and offshore export market, to look at areas of growth and need, especially in improving local energy resilience and independence while offsetting GHG emissions.  We have some great partnerships already established, are well positioned for success, and open to discussing new strategic relationships.  We’re working with First Nations and Indigenous groups, both locally and abroad, which leads to great partnerships and helps support communities,” she shares.

Charlene holds post-secondary degrees in psychology, business, geophysics and geomatics engineering from the University of Calgary.

Charlene Beckie

CEO — Clem Geo-Energy Corp.  

LinkedIn:  Charlene Beckie

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