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Charlie Moline


In the heart of the U.S., Charlie Moline, a long-standing real estate investor, has crafted a niche for himself by transforming multifamily assets with a blend of passion, expertise, and dedication. As the founder and CEO of Moline Investment Management (MIM), Charlie has redefined the narrative surrounding affordable housing, ensuring that essential properties are not just spaces of residence, but homes to be proud of.


Born with an inherent interest for construction and real estate development, Charlie became a licensed master electrician after pursuing degrees in electrical technology from Idaho State University and working in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. But his academic journey didn't end there. Drawn towards the real estate investment sector, Charlie furthered his education in finance and business. This unique combination of skills would later become the bedrock of his successful investment ventures.


Founded in 2010, Moline Investment Management began its journey as a specialist investment manager with a laser focus on multifamily apartment communities spread across the U.S. However, what set MIM apart from its contemporaries was Charlie’s insightful strategy. He identified low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC) properties and envisioned how these properties could be revitalized. By modernizing the infrastructure and implementing energy-efficient measures, he began to breathe new life into old properties.


Located in Springfield, MO, MIM’s corporate office became the epicenter of multifamily asset transformation. From its inception, the company’s investment footprint has surged across states— from Missouri to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and even as far as Alaska. MIM’s mission has always been twofold: improve the properties while retaining their cherished residents.


For Charlie, the journey was more than just about investments and returns. He aspired to collaborate with housing authorities, ensuring these modernized properties remained affordable for middle income renters. He envisioned a world where environmentally conscious properties became the norm, not the exception. Moreover, he aimed to erase the stigma attached to affordable housing, making it synonymous with quality and pride in where you live.


The success of MIM can be attributed to a blend of Charlie’s experience, skill, and a fervent mission. The rapid scaling of the company is evidence of its unmatched expertise in the field. With 12 transactions already under its belt this year, MIM has proved its mettle in the real estate sector.


Recently, under Charlie’s leadership, MIM made waves by launching their first fund, MIM Wealth Fund I. With Charlie’s reputation preceding him, the fund quickly garnered attention. Remarkably, he managed to raise a staggering $10M on the GP, which was promptly fully subscribed to JV with an additional $50M from other equity partners.


Today, MIM stands as a testament to Charlie Moline's vision. The company's investment platform continues to grow, catering to a wide range of investors. From high-net-worth individuals to larger plan sponsors, family offices, and private equity, with an inclination for multifamily real estate, MIM has cemented its place in the heart of the American real estate landscape. Through the seamless union of finance, business, and contracting expertise, Charlie Moline has illuminated the path for future blue collar real estate innovators.


We spoke with Charlie to learn more about his plans, ambitions, and why he chose this career path.


Charlie, what compelled you to transition from a career in construction and electrical contracting to real estate?


My electrical and construction background enhanced my ability to value deals and pinpoint operational and mechanical improvements. After increasing my real estate assets in the Lower 48, I transitioned to full-time investing and relocated from Juneau, Alaska to the Midwest, positioning my business as a top player in the affordable multifamily sector.


Why did you choose to focus on affordable housing for the middle class?


The ongoing housing crisis, particularly affordable housing, drives me. Investing in this space offers not only a financial return for our investors, but also positively impacts communities. There’s a gap in housing for those slightly over the income limit threshold of 60% average median income (AMI) for housing authority properties. We aim to fill this gap, benefiting residents and gaining the appreciation of housing authorities to produce quality housing for middle income families and individuals without having mandated income restrictions.


How do you feel after transforming a community or property?


Completing such transformations is rewarding. Witnessing a previously neglected property rejuvenate and observing a renewed community pride is fulfilling. My passion for building, stemming from childhood, persists. I still actively participate in construction and renovations alongside my team.


Have you noticed increased investor interest in socially responsible projects?


Definitely. It’s uncommon to have a sponsor be so hands on and invest so much into the deals that are being promoted by the company. Investors are intrigued by our unique strategy. We focus on revitalizing older properties that require capital infusion. Our approach targets an underserved demographic, offering more than just financial gains. With few developers catering to the middle class, our mission is meaningful and resonates with investors seeking both returns and societal impact.


MIM manages these communities as well, which is unique. Can you elaborate?


We oversee all of our properties, which is rare. I personally invest alongside our equity partners. Unlike many companies that rely on third-party management and charge additional fees, we handle management in-house, ensuring optimal care without added costs.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


I enjoy every aspect, from identifying mismanaged properties and strategizing improvements to collaborating with investors and witnessing community transformations. Utilizing my background in construction work in these projects brings me immense satisfaction. I’m fortunate to do what I love daily.


Charlie Moline
Moline Investment Management


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