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Chelsea M. Williams

Founder and chief financial architect of Core Solutions Group Inc., Chelsea brings a new perspective to numbers and cash management through a specialty accounting company focusing exclusively on law firms. Far from the typical accounting group that prepares tax forms once a year, the firm works consistently with clients to fill the financial gaps around complete financial management in law firms as well as on a personal level. “I created this company to be a proactive service that actually helps business owners grow while protecting profits,” she shares.

With a decade of experience in the tax and accounting arena, Chelsea is a strategic advisor to her clients helping them gain financial clarity around where they’re at, where they want to go, and what needs to happen in order to get there. “Because we’re so focused in the legal space, we’ve become very in tune with the specifics around finances in a law firm.” she explains.

Chelsea is anything but the stereotypical accountant. “People think of accountants and tax preparers as boring no-mans. I’m really an entrepreneur who loves numbers. Numbers don’t lie and when you’ve got the reality of your financial positioning staring you in the face, you open the door to strategic move making,” she explains. After working in the traditional tax and accounting field for eight years, she realized there were gaps in the industry’s reactive service model—advising clients only when preparing their taxes, and then leaving them to muddle through the financial landscape for another year.

In 2017, Chelsea’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for numbers drove her to launch Core Solutions Group to fill this gap and provide law firms with ongoing financial advisory services to help them reach their goals. “Typically your generic accounting services stop once monthly financial statements are issued, but people don’t understand the reports let alone how to use them to make strategic financial decisions. Most people fall off here, but this is where we pick up. We help people plan based off of their numbers,” she explains.

The firm also offers CLE-certified courses for lawyers to maintain their licenses, and Chelsea’s group shares their knowledge as contributors to a host of websites and as keynote speakers at legal events. She is committed to helping people in her community through a local financial literacy program that she designed to teach low-income households how to manage their money.


Chelsea Williams

Chief Financial Architect — Core Solutions Group Inc.



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