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Chris Besenyoi


With so many new technologies that blur the line between the physical and the virtual, one area that still draws a hard delineation between the two is security, with physical and cyber security often falling into the hands of separate companies. But Chris Besenyoi wondered why it had to be that way. After nearly 20 years of consulting and entrepreneurship in the security sector managing projects large and small, national and international, he took these two disparate—but very similar—things and brought them together under one roof to create CSB Security, Inc.


Founded in 2014, CSB Security offers cyber, web/app and cloud security as well as physical security. Chris takes the experience he has in risk management and consulting for banks, mines, condo associations, governments, controlled substances and stadium/event venues to businesses, corporate leaders, and individuals worldwide. The team of risk management and security professionals have a combined 30 years of experience in the space, and through the design, overhaul, migration, assessment, and upgrade of physical and cyber security systems, are truly on a mission to “secure the world.”

Chris has been an entrepreneur since he was young, learning first-hand by working in his family’s business before becoming part owner at just 14. Over the years, he started other ventures, all of which have shared a common trait. “Every venture I started was to fill a gap I saw in a specific industry I was working in,” he says. “I had the ability to see the holes, and started businesses to help plug those gaps.” Filling even more gaps with his insight, Chris has also worked as a highly sought-after senior associate consultant for various well known consultancy’s over the past eight years.

That’s why Ontario-based CSB Security has found clients of all kinds across the world, in the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., and India, to name a few. Their client-first approach means a tailored security design reflecting the specific needs of each corporation they serve. From facility design, redesign, and review to development and design to address unique needs and protect the most vulnerable areas, the team is happy to be a silent partner or an active project team member, or anything in between.

In addition to leading CSB Security, Chris is also the owner of two other ventures, ICECann and a fitness company.


Chris Besenyoi

Founder & CEO — CSB Security



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