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Chris Brawner

Headquartered in Bethalto, Illinois, AgVest Advisors LLC was founded by Chris Brawner in 2018 to serve the agricultural investment community. He works with institutions, family offices, and individuals to build out their U.S. farmland portfolios, which involves helping them develop their investment strategies, sourcing properties, negotiating acquisitions, providing due diligence, and ultimately managing the properties once they are owned. Chris has spent the past 10 years building out the professional relationships needed to successfully construct these farmland portfolios throughout the U.S.  

According to Chris, the macro story of why to invest in farmland is about global population growth and the evolution of the worlds’ developing countries. “The world population is expected to reach 8 billion plus by 2030 and developing worlds’ middle classes continue to upgrade their diets to more protein, which involves more grain,” says Chris. He adds that the U.S. row crop farmland returns are essentially risk free and remain resilient throughout economic cycles. In fact, US farmland has delivered only one quarter of negative returns since 1999.

Prior to starting AgVest, Chris helped to build some of the largest U.S. row crop portfolios in history for some of the largest pension funds and investment banks in the world. He began in 2011 by joining AgCoA, formerly a farmland REIT established by Goldman Sachs and Duquesne Capital. In 2013, the portfolio was sold to CPPIB, the Canadian pension plan. The portfolio was sold again in 2017 to the Gates Foundation, after which AgCoA was dissolved. Throughout his career with AgCoA and AgVest, Chris has now been involved in over $650 million of farmland investments across 13 states. 

Contact:  AgVest Advisors, LLC  |  Bethalto, Illinois  |  LI: chris-brawner

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