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Chris Campos


Chris Campos never imagined he would work in the construction business. After all, he attended Oregon State on a baseball scholarship, majored in history, and played professional baseball for the Houston Astros. “In college, construction was always an easy job to get,” says Chris. This eventually inspired him to pursue a future career in construction, an industry in which Chris has found himself to be extremely successful. After college, Chris worked for a few general contractors, working his way up quickly through the ranks. Then, at the age of 26, Chris decided it was time for him to start his own business.


In 2010, Chris started his first business, Armor Contracting, offering general contracting and construction management services. “I had a somewhat successful business, but was tired of wearing all of the belts, so I decided that I was going to create another business that was scalable and would allow for growth.” But Chris took it to another level, knowing the new business would need to be something that the future of construction desperately needed. “My first business was a product of the industry, being dictated by too many factors out of my control, so I set out to be a key driver in the industry where I would have an impact on the future,” Chris said. His answer was to streamline the framing process by using prefabrication offsite, then sending the prefabricated product to the jobsite to be installed in half of the time. In the fall of 2018, Chris founded ProFrame, Inc., a wood framing subcontractor which builds apartments and condos, senior living facilities, hotels, and mixed-use buildings. Four years later, he has increased revenues to over $35 million and is still continuing to grow.


Since then, while continuing his mission to make the construction industry more efficient and more innovative, Chris has established two other companies to help complement ProFrame’s framing services:  Axis Building Components, a material supplier that also does design/engineering, prefabrication, wall panels, floor trusses, and precut lumber packages, which reached over $10 million in annual revenue in just two short years; and a concrete company called Level One Contracting, which makes the structural portion of projects run smoother and more efficient.



Chris Campos

Founder and CEO — ProFrame, Inc.; Axis Building Components; Level One Contracting, Inc.


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