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Chris Coronato

Whether he is speeding down the racetrack or working from his office, Chris Coronato epitomizes the modern breed of tech-savvy, customer-driven real estate professionals. With only five years in the industry, he has earned the title of Top Agent and has donned the cover of Featured Agent Magazine. As owner of Coronato Property Group in Westwood, New Jersey, Chris says that his key mission is to utilize careful marketing research and industry expertise to assist his clients in making one of the most important decisions in their lives: buying or selling a home.

In fact, the entire foundation of Coronato Property Group was built upon marketing for clients and branding for agents. As a privately-owned boutique agency, the real estate group takes great pride in doing everything they can to better serve their clients. Chris explains, “We believe in putting the clients first and the agency second.” Everyone at CPG has cultivated lasting relationships throughout the years. Whether it is through providing advanced technology, offering continued support, or completing the entire process alongside them, every agent wants to ensure his or her client the best experience possible.

Although the market is ever-changing, team members strive to ensure home buyers that they should not be intimidated. Chris affirms, “The team we have built inside the Coronato Property Group and outside with our partners program are truly the best in the industry; like Chris Keelin with Family First Funding.” Every member of the group works to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the marketplace and in certain pockets. For example, they look to see if people are taking advantage of the latest rates and how the market is changing in specific areas. To Chris, staying up-to-date means “leveraging everything they possibly find whether it be a new app, new SM endeavor, or latest CRMS. It also means understanding the best form of communication between clients and agents as well as how to capitalize on that.”

In addition to providing exceptional service for his clients, Chris is a firm believer in empowering his agents. On October 2, 2019, the company celebrated its furst anniversary with six agents onboard. At CPG, each agent specifically outlines a target market and demographic, so there is no crossover. However, if clients request to see a different area, they may do so. Chris also notes that he does not market on top of the company’s agents. Instead, he offers his complete support and encourages them to work as individuals and to take pride in their marketing platforms.

Another unique way agents are supported at CPG is through community involvement. Instead of taking it upon himself to decide which charities and events to sponsor, Chris relies upon his agents to choose a worthy cause within their area of expertise. Then, the company silently donates supplies or contributes financially. For example, one of the agents lost her brother to Type I Diabetes, so the agent chose to help raise money for the DZ Foundation, which was established in her brother’s memory. On behalf of the agent, Coronato Property Group gave a monetary donation to the foundation and purchased a table for one of its events. Chris explains, “Community involvement is important for our agents because they’re inviting people to certain areas, so they have an obligation to interact and to improve those areas to the best of their abilities.”

When asked about his employment experience before becoming a real estate sales associate, Chris shared that he enjoyed a successful 16-year career in the fitness world, which, he says, has a strong tie-in with his current position. He explains, “Fitness employs a similar focus as real estate. It requires building strong relationships and supporting people in achieving their unique personal objectives. These are 100 percent parallel to the goals of investment and home ownership.” Chris added that whether he is coaching a client in fitness or working with a client in real estate, his approach is simple and remains the same: “Chris Coronato works to exceed your expectations!”

Not only does he utilize his fitness experience in his current position, but he also combines his passion for racing with the real estate industry. Chris loves racing just as much as he loves real estate, so he established The Racing Realtor Division within the Cornonato Property Group. His YouTube channel, Racing Realtor 201, gives subscribers an inside look at the world of track racing while also explaining how Chris has turned CPG into an impressive brand that delivers on its promises of excellence. His videos feature advice for realtors and for other professionals on how to buy, sell, invest in real estate, and market their own brands. Of course, he also shares his Corvette upgrades and tune-ups. Above all else, Chris shows his viewers how to be passionate about what they do and how to make real estate exciting and fun.



Chris Coronato

Owner / Real Estate Sales Associate

Coronato Property Group

339 Fairview Avenue

Westwood, New Jersey  07675





Instagram: @coronatopropertygroup

YouTube: Racing Realtor 201


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