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Chris Hancock


When Chris Hancock founded Apex Integrated Distribution in 2018, he had one thing in mind: to address the areas of the supply chain he felt were missed opportunities for improvement. With 30 years of procurement experience under his belt, he knew firsthand how problematic it can be to have deliveries run early or late. He created a solution for the gap in communication between order placement and order delivery by coordinating the manufacturing and delivery schedules with the end user’s project timelines. Despite operating in what many call a saturated market, Chris began receiving positive feedback after just six months, confirming that he was not alone in seeing a need for this type of service.

Apex distributes medical equipment and furniture to hospitals, clinics, and veteran care facilities throughout the continental United States, and is a distributer of drug and alcohol testing equipment to law enforcement communities. Apex also recognizes innovative solutions to space-constrained VA facilities through the introduction of portable parallel bars for physical therapy. Their vanguard operational approach ensures there is integrational data and forecasted, on-time delivery information, with a high level of granularity. “We proactively communicate any shift in schedules to the end user so they can adjust their project schedules accordingly,” Chris says. Creating a positive delivery experience for the buyer has the additional benefit of adding value to the manufacturer’s reputation. And though he has no prior sales experience, Chris’s sourcing background brings tremendous value. “I speak the language of the procurement team, and I understand how the process works so I can help them do their job better,” he explains.

Through Apex, Chris supports the infrastructure of health care. He is driven by building relationships and trust through communication, and by helping clinicians provide their best quality of care within the needed timeframe. Apex actively donates to veterans’ organizations as well as The Let It Be Foundation, which offers support to families of children diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Looking forward, Chris plans to expand his sales and marketing departments with people that share his belief of selling relationships, not products. “It’s about helping people, and with more staff we can continue to grow and expand our reach,” he shares.


Chris Hancock

President — Apex Integrated Distribution LLC



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