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Chris Perret, B.Comm, AACI, CBV
A life dedicated to helping individuals and businesses succeed.

Driven by integrity and a hunger to provide the highest level of value for a business, return on investment has always signified more than just a number to Chris Perret. Perhaps it’s the ten years he spent coaching junior high school football or the volunteer work in Ethiopia that created an insatiable desire to help others achieve personal and professional growth. For Chris, breaking limits and embracing challenges as opportunities are steeped in his persona, and the drivers in both his life and career. For as long as Chris can remember, he has supported businesses through some of their most challenging transactions. As an Accredited Real Estate Appraiser (AACI) and a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) with nearly 25 years in the industry, Chris has spent the majority of his career helping individuals, and both small and large businesses. Now, he’s doing it again with a new team committed to helping municipalities find growth and opportunity to improve the community. “Some people want to start a firm and grow it to be big and successful. The teams I have been involved with find a problem or see a trend and solve it, find another, and solve it—always responding to the next emerging need or market trajectory,” Chris says. This ‘see and solve the problem’ has defined the trajectory of his entire career, as did his determination to make a difference. “You have to be fearless and willing to break down barriers in order to make a lasting impact,” he shares.

Chris spent the early days of his career traveling across Western Canada with Suncorp Valuations as a real estate appraiser learning all areas of the business, including market value appraisals, insurance costing, reserve fund and depreciation reports, risk management, and asset management. After only a few short years, he was asked to lead a new office expansion in Edmonton, Alberta. As the industry continued to evolve, so did Chris’s perspective of the business. He began consulting for companies throughout North America and integrating their services to become a one-stop-shop. Recognizing the power of a full-service valuation consulting firm, Chris co-founded MVI Valuations (MVI). He and partner, Bob McNally, attracted, mentored, and lead a team of appraisers and valuators specializing in real estate, equipment, business enterprise, intangible assets, and accounting – setting a new standard in North America. The timing was ideal as the firm focused on feasibility studies, adapting to evolving financial reporting standards, fairness opinions, and succession planning for family business. MVI completed valuations on a large breadth of operations and industry, including engineering firms, food processing, industrial equipment rental operations, pulp and paper operations, oil and gas service operations, electric utilities, and all things in between.

Focusing on providing excellent service and adapting to helping clients achieve their goals, Chris’s expertise includes the preparation of business value estimates on shares or operating assets for assisting in settling shareholder disputes, establishing purchase prices, estate planning, financing, share restructuring and general business decision making. He brings a unique perspective to many business operations with his strong background in real estate. MVI grew into the largest and most trusted valuations company of its kind, securing consulting work for some of Canada’s largest companies. MNP LLP, one of the nation’s largest accounting firms, approached the MVI team with an offer they could not refuse, one that propelled MVI’s vision for growth and service forward. MVI Valuations officially merged with MNP LLP in 2010. “Bob and I were part of creating a national valuation practice built on relationships and experience, ability to attract the right talent, and the firm’s expanded service offerings. It was a fast-paced environment with incredible opportunities to work with some of the best finance experts in Canada,” Chris explains. In 2016, Chris made the decision to retire from the workforce and focus on his daughter, Lucie-anna, and devote any additional time he had to give back to his local community, having always been an advocate of volunteering with the profession, his community and supporting the charities close to his heart. In his earlier career days, Chris spent six years (2007-2012) as a member of the Standards Board of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. No matter the city he called home, Chris consistently found an organization to support. 

Now settled in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Chris’s list of recent volunteer accomplishments includes serving as the past-president of the local Rotary Club, an organization integral in creating real impact for the community in which they operate, and a working board member for the Canada Day Society. For the past 10 years, he has also been the head coach and defensive coordinator for a junior high football team. One of his fondest memories as a coach was working with a very shy, timid boy named Tommy. On the first day of practice, his mom could barely drag him out of the car. Today, Tommy playing post-secondary football has dreams of being a coach thanks in part to the confidence and dedication Chris instilled in him from the first day of their meeting. “Everything comes back to mentoring, identifying talents, nurturing, and supporting growth. You have to give people the tools and opportunities to thrive,” Chris says. “Mentors really shape your career, the early mentors I was lucky enough to have really understood what drove me, and gave me the challenges, support and opportunities to thrive. I try to do the same thing for the people in my life, whether as a coach or as a business leader.”

Not long after Chris retired in 2016, an opportunity to acquire a long-standing real estate appraisal firm in Medicine Hat emerged. Chris and colleague purchased Classic Valuations and have since rebranded the firm as a Tier One practice for real estate appraisal. In 2020, Chris’s career pivoted again when Invest Medicine Hat (IMH) and the City of Medicine Hat approached him to manage and balance the real estate portfolio on behalf of the municipality. His role with IMH involves acquiring, selling, developing, managing, and leasing properties strategically aligning with a wide range of investment attraction and business services. For Chris, this opportunity presented an entirely new perspective for supporting and creating opportunities in the community he calls home.

“Municipalities are on the cusp of unprecedented times and the team at Invest Medicine Hat is able to bring a private sector perspective. There is no room to increase revenues and balance budgets by raising taxes and burdening the resident. The focus has to be on financial sustainability, competitively attracting capital for industry development, and creating tools for business retention and expansion. To be relevant and prepared for the future, municipalities have to be investment ready, this requires cities to think and act like a business. It used to be big dominates small, today fast dominates slow,” he says. He identifies smaller communities as an ideal place to live as it provides the opportunity to remain highly involved in his daughter’s extracurricular activities, work with clients from around the world, and carve out time to volunteer and give back. “Where else in the world can you meet a volunteer for coffee, run to the rink and tie skates and be back to work over in a lunch hour?” he shares. Technology and evolving company cultures affords a professional career and life balance like never before. No matter his position, Chris always puts as much effort forth to gain returns from investing his time and dedication to his community, his family and his athletes, as he does for the returns in business transactions for his clients.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan, majoring in finance and marketing; an Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI) designation from the Appraisal Institute of Canada, a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designation, and most recently a commercial real estate license.

Chris Perret, B.Comm, AACI, CBV