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Christa Tyson

Christa Tyson is the president of sales for Ty-Par Realty, Inc., the brokerage and development division of Tyson Group Companies.  Ty-Par Realty, Inc. is a commercial real estate firm based near Charlotte, North Carolina. As a family-run, one-stop shop, the company focuses predominantly in Union and Mecklenburg Counties. Through LC Tyson Construction, the company also builds, owns, leases, and sells commercial and industrial properties, and manages its own properties through RMMC, its property management arm. With 28 years of experience, Christa continues the company’s 52-year legacy that her visionary father guided by the values of trust, hard work, and reputation. “I make my clients feel like they are my only client, whether a $100 client or a multimillion-dollar client, because they’re trusting me with their investment. My reputation of being honest and ethical means more to me than the financial aspect—that is something my dad always taught me,” Christa shares.

As a multifaceted commercial real estate and development firm, The Tyson Group Companies offer leasing services and development of retail, office, medical, industrial, golf course, and residential properties all under one roof. One of Christa’s “babies” is a project near and dear to her heart, a medical park called Metro Medical Plaza. Licensed in North and South Carolina, Christa joined her family’s company, where her brother serves as CFO, in a brokerage role in 1996, bringing with her, 4 years of experience in the field and a reputation as a strong real estate development professional. Five years ago, she assumed her current role as president of sales.

As a talented negotiator and a skilled expert in sales, marketing, and real estate transactions, Christa manages five brokers as the company’s development continues to grow from a seed planted by her late father. “My dad was a visionary and a creative thinker. He could see a piece of raw land and hold it until the market was right, and now we are continuing his legacy,” she explains. “It’s wonderful to see a piece of land, have a vision for it, then see it come to life.”

Named one of Union County’s Top 50 Most Powerful Woman in 2019, Christa has proven that gender has no bearing on success—even as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry. “Being a woman in this field, you have to prove yourself a little bit more and work a little bit harder, but I love my career and can’t imagine doing anything else,” she says.

Christa’s passion for real estate showed early, as did her determined, independent nature that has driven her success. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English and speech communication from Wake Forest University in 1992, she joined MECA Properties, in Charlotte, NC,  as a commercial real estate broker and quickly proved herself. She was put to work on a project in a depressed area, and she turned a distressed property into a fully renovated, fully leased retail establishment. As her career flourished, she raised two accomplished daughters, now 18 and 21. “My dad taught me to make yourself so valuable as an employee, employer, friend, and mother, that no one can do without you.”


Christa Tyson

President of Sales — Ty-Par Realty, Inc., a Tyson Group Company

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