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Christina Casile

After a successful 14-year career working with large firms like EwingCole and Ballinger and designing notable projects such as MetLife Stadium, the New York Giants training facility in New Jersey, and the NASA Exploration Sciences Building in Maryland, Christina Casile launched her own firm, Design 710, in 2017. And she did so with a very specific market in mind—cannabis. With National Interior Design and LEED certifications, Christina leads one of the few female-owned design businesses in this unique market, and she’s quickly made a name for herself as a leader in this burgeoning new industry, having been featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine in 2019 and in Philadelphia Style Magazine in 2020. Design 710 specializes in designing cultivation and production facilities, dispensaries, commercial kitchens, and laboratories for cannabis businesses. Since opening its doors, the company has continued to grow. Christina has designed multiple facilities in her home state of Pennsylvania, including six dispensaries with Restore Integrative Wellness Center in the greater Philadelphia area, two dispensaries for “super license” holder Ayr Wellness, and a cultivation and manufacturing facility for DocHouse in just the past four years. Her roster of clients includes national and international medical and recreational cannabis businesses operating in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and the Bahamas, and expansion underway in the US Virgin Islands.


Christina first got involved with the medical and recreational cannabis industry when she was recruited to join a team of experts to help clients obtain permits for growing, processing, and dispensing marijuana. Design 710, a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, was selected due to Christina’s expertise in providing building and zoning code analysis, budgeting and scheduling as well as design. Focusing solely on the cannabis industry means Christina’s cornered something of a niche market. “Larger firms won’t touch this area because it’s still too small and it’s not federally regulated,” she explains.


As a one-stop shop for her clients, she helps them from beginning to end, from finding real estate and going through the application process to helping with the finishing touches on the construction. While Christina handles most of the processes herself, she also brings on consultants and engineers as needed to ensure the best possible results and enjoys working collaboratively with other professionals and experts in their fields. Since 2017, she’s seen significant growth in the industry as cannabis and cannabis products have become further decriminalized across the country.


Design 710’s projects take on unique challenges of converting properties and creating spaces that are modern, attractive, and comfortable while still complying with state and local laws. Her designs feature blends of elegance and comfort, modern minimalism and organic textures that make them appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds. By employing cutting-edge design concepts often utilizing eco-friendly practices, Christina has been able to develop a diverse and proactive business style to meet the often challenging needs of her clients. Many of her client companies are woman- and veteran-owned, as well. For Christina, giving back to the communities she designs for is also a deeply important part of her work. She supports a number of local food pantries and veteran focused charities in and around Philadelphia, and donates to organizations in client locations, as well. Engaging with the communities that her clients will serve is key, and meshes with the company’s collaborative mantra, “Together is better.”



Christina Casile

Owner & Principal — Design 710, LLC, WEBNC, WOSB



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