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Christina Hester Snyder

Christina Hester Snyder arrived in the U.S. from Thessaloniki, Greece, at age 14.  Although she spoke limited English upon her arrival, she began supporting herself at the age 18 and never allowed her language barrier to negatively influence her progress or to affect her goals.  This lead to Christina learning first-hand about the importance of maximizing the accumulation, preservation, and distribution of wealth. Today, as a certified financial planner and wealth advisor, she is dedicated to helping her clients achieve the same financial independence she has achieved.


Throughout her years of professional experience, which span over two decades, she has provided individuals with peace of mind during life’s uncertainties and has guided them in overcoming some of the most difficult financial challenges. At AspireWealth Planners in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Christina specializes in retirement income planning, and delivers proactive and responsive service in the areas of financial planning, wealth management, estate planning, insurance, risk management, cash flow, and debt management planning. 

A comprehensive financial services firm, Aspire is committed to helping people grow and to preserving their wealth across generations in the Chesapeake Bay region as well as the Washington, D.C. metro marketplace. Aspire’s affiliated broker-dealer and insurance partners serve as valuable resources to enable Christina to meet the unique and changing needs of her clients and ultimately enhance their long-term financial success. 

Christina joined Aspire in 2016 to focus on financial planning, which has been described as “the science of retiring with confidence.” However, Christina argues that it is “more of an art than a science.” For her, financial planning involves helping clients to find a driven purpose or a goal for retirement when they are uncertain about what to do or when they have procrastinated until after a hardship arises. Consequently, Christina encourages her clients to be more proactive about their financial lives, so their plans can be integrated and optimized efficiently. “It’s always important to understand the ‘why’ behind our objectives, and it’s no different with our financial lives,” she explains.

Christina is driven by the best interest of her clients. In an ever-changing and competitive industry, she believes in having the plan guide the solution, not the other way around. She works in concert with her clients’ other trusted advisors to synthesize their strategies rather than having them operate in silos, and she believes successful planning is all about a purposeful life, where you find meaning and fulfillment in what you do.  She explains “when we are able to identify our vision, then planning for the future becomes more intentional and less scary.” Christina has found that although she holds multiple designations and has a proven record of success as a planner and advisor, her authenticity and integrity are ultimately what attract her clientele. 

In 2018, Christina won Aspire’s Mentorship Award, and in 2019, she won Aspire’s Top Adviser Award in the Overall Productivity category for advisers with the firm for less than 5 years.

Christina is also very involved in her community and has received several recognitions and high praise for her civic leadership and community service.

Prior to joining Aspire’s entrepreneur model of employment, Christina worked at the same financial institution for over 20 years. She worked on the retail and commercial sides before transitioning to wealth management for the remaining 15 years. Learning the personal side of the industry and serving in a variety of roles gave her a diverse understanding of finance. In addition, remaining within the same institution allowed Christina to not only work with specialized teams but to obtain a broader understanding of clients’ unique needs. 

Christina graduated from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor of Science degree in business with an emphasis in international business. She is a member of several professional organizations, and has earned multiple designations, including certified financial planner (CFP), retirement income certified professional (RICP) and certified IRA services professional (CISP). She also holds her life and health insurance licenses, Series 7, 63, and 66


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