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Christopher Angiolillo

Christopher Angiolillo, the CEO of Signifer Ventures, has a story that began in the humblest of settings – as a young worker at Dunkin'. From those early days, he has been on a journey deeply intertwined with the world of business. His career path has been marked by dedication, hard work, and unrelenting ambition.

For 15 years, Christopher served as a Dunkin' franchisee, refining his skills and expertise in the franchise world. Yet, his journey didn't stop there. He seamlessly transitioned into the realm of real estate investing, where he has spent 13 years navigating a diverse range of asset classes, including multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use properties. With a clear vision and unwavering determination, Christopher has built a thriving portfolio, with continuous strategic growth always the primary focus.

One of his most notable achievements is at the helm of the family Dunkin' Network, he and his team have consistently overseen year-over-year growth, showcasing his leadership in the franchise industry. Simultaneously, he has diversified his interests, strategically investing in various asset classes, expanding his position as a young dynamic entrepreneur.

Signifer Ventures, headquartered in Saugus, Massachusetts, was created as an embodiment of Christopher's multifaceted expertise and built upon strong relationships. This newly formed company serves as an umbrella organization, uniting all of his experience under one banner. Signifer Ventures is laser-focused on investment real estate and franchise development. The company owns and operates multiple Dunkin' franchises in Massachusetts, in addition to offering third-party services to other franchisees.

At its core, Signifer Ventures is driven by a profound mission – to leverage its extensive network and relationships to continue developing while making a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. Moreover, the company is committed to providing a vital avenue of guidance and resources for individuals seeking personal growth in the realms of business and real estate, thus expanding their services to include a mentoring program.

In this Q&A, we delve into Christopher's entrepreneurial journey, the evolution of Signifer Ventures, and how this dynamic company plans to make its mark in the fields of investment real estate and the franchise world.

Christoper, what inspired you to start Signifer Ventures?

Signifer was born out of a desire to challenge myself in a way that made me uncomfortable. Operating within a family business is a very unique dynamic that many will never experience. I wanted to see my next path in a different light, one where I can push limits and test my experiences and knowledge within a self-created world. Whether it's personal or professional growth, finding your path can be challenging, and trusting someone to guide you can be equally daunting. Despite having a wonderful family and a strong support system, I reflect on my own journey and know that any advancement is not by right, but through creation. I've come to realize that it doesn't take much to make significant strides. It's all about simplicity, structure, and discipline. Once you embrace this framework, you'll be astounded by your own potential.

What makes Signifer unique?

At Signifer, we're all about quality over quantity. Our approach is highly personalized and strategic. I want to go beyond traditional real estate and business transactions, all while creating strong relationships within our industry. We believe that investing isn't reserved for the wealthy; it's about understanding your goals and tailoring a strategy to achieve them.

Growing up working in Dunkin', I learned that success is deeply tied to the people who drive your business. With multiple locations, we make it our priority to know all 200-plus employees. For us, success is measured in relationships, and our people are the heartbeat of our success. I take immense satisfaction in hearing your story and making you a part of mine, as we help each other along the way. By treating people right and focusing on serving, we've discovered financial success naturally follows, regardless of the industry. During the challenges of COVID, we never closed a single store. Our management team stayed with us, and most of our staff continued working their regular schedules. The loyalty and dedication was unbelievable, motivating me to do even better.

Let’s turn to Signifier’s three pillars. First, investment real estate. Tell us about your unique approach to this?

Our approach is designed to ensure everyone comes out ahead. Whether it’s acquisition or development our focus extends beyond transactions. The goal is to create solutions for sellers while enhancing neighborhoods and their values by improving properties ourselves. The pressing need for housing motivates us to find unique opportunities to work with municipalities. A significant challenge is synchronizing residential and business development. Attracting businesses boosts community appeal and the residential population, which expands the tax base to meet growing needs. However, outdated zoning presents a major hurdle in addressing those needs. Our goal is to align within those dynamics and provide solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Next, franchise development. What is your strategy and who can benefit from it?

Our franchise development strategy is simple. Strategic, sustainable growth, to continue growing the best coffee brand in America. Our method is to create a healthy expansion within major established markets that offer trajectories of future growth. My perspective on franchising is no different than other business ventures worth investing real dollars in, which is prudent financial decisions are crucial to sustainability. There are many misconceptions towards franchising, those that understand the importance of certain metrics within the industry usually maintain success. One metric that comes to mind is being able to combine real estate with your franchise. Keep that between us.

Communities benefit the most from our development. It’s multifaceted, but simply explained, when business development is encouraged and executed it offers employment opportunities and amenities for surrounding communities. Dunkin’ specifically offers convenience at scale, coupled with opportunity. For many, including myself, it was my first job where I learned how to count money, show up, provide customer service, etc. A special benefit not often known, is the avenue Dunkin’ provides for individuals through our system. My partner and VP of operations is the exact replica of the American dream. Mohamed was born in Morocco, a professional soccer player, who decided to come to the United States to begin his life after soccer. He’s now a franchisee, my business partner, and a brother to me. That is the power of knowing your purpose in business, it's about the impact.

Finally, your mentoring programs. Who are these designed for and what can they learn?

The mentoring program is new and different from my normal comfort zone. The reality of coaching or mentoring has a stigma to the concept, but I see the intrinsic value. I had mentors throughout my life, like my father and Mohamed. Signifers’ creation had me reflecting and through that process I wanted to explore a mentorship program that truly helped individuals find their path. Many of us, including myself who had all the support and encouragement in the world, need someone in their life professionally to guide them in the right direction. A direction that is tailored to their goal orientated journey.

It’s designed for those seeking growth in business and real estate investing. Staying in our lane of guidance, the program will be tailored to each individual based on their current situation and desired goals. The real estate learnings will be multifamily investing, the art of finding a deal, lead generation, underwriting, financing structure, and additional focuses such as property management and upgrading assets. The goal for our program is to exceed the value desired, while creating a community of individuals that can look back and appreciate their journey as much as I have.

We have to ask…what is your favorite Dunkin donut?

Boston Cream. Hands-down, Boston Cream. There is not even a second for me.



Christopher Angiolillo
Signifer Ventures

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