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Christopher Evans

As CEO of Parkworth Investments, Christopher Evans leads a team of banking, finance, and investment management experts with over 60 years of experience, all dedicated to helping their clients achieve their goals, from introducers to investors to borrowers. Driven by a passion to be the best at what they do, they work together in their quest to support small- to medium-sized enterprises, helping them grow their businesses and achieve their business goals. Christopher brings nearly two decades in finance and banking to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization and to support its commitment to the highest ethical standards. He draws on his vast experience with structuring mortgage transactions and loan management, from credit to final pay out, to promote its mission to support Australian SMEs. Through his extensive network of wholesale investors cultivated throughout his career, he has created an innovative way for his investors to help small- and medium-sized business enterprise owners who require funding at reasonable lending rates. “Private mortgages can be an excellent investment if diligent lending protocols are adhered to. My many years in the industry have taught me understanding risk is critical to a successful investment,” he explains.

Parkworth Investments was established in Melbourne Victoria, with the intention of creating a specialist niche funds management business in combination with specific mortgage broking activities. Its fund directors have significant experience in property-based funds management and in providing advisory and dealing services with respect to mortgage-backed securities and debt securitization. Through its unique investment and loan solutions, the company arranges private funding for businesses, development and construction projects, new investment opportunities, and other purposes.

Christopher began his career in finance and banking in 2001. He joined Parkworth Investments in 2018 with an extensive history of working at large Australian financial institutions and banks, including roles as a business banker with Bankwest (HBOS International), national distribution manager for First Rock Mortgage Centre Aggregation, and head of sales and distribution for Capel Court Financial Services (Resimac). As a seasoned professional with a solid background, he implements the strategy approved by the board and ensures that the organization's structure and processes meet the strategic and cultural needs of Parkworth Investments, all while designing unique solutions to help clients achieve their goals.

Christopher holds a diploma in financial services and financial planning, He is also an ASIC Authorised AFSL Representative.

Parkworth Investments is an ASIC Authorised AFSL Representative No. 001279773 of Guildfords Funds Management Pty Ltd AFSL 471379, who manage the Parkworth Investment Fund with wholesale investors nationally who have the legal right to invest in Australian Securities.


Christopher Evans

CEO/Director — Parkworth Investments

Suite 1, 205-211 Forster Road

Mount Waverly, Victoria 3149



Facebook: Parkworth Investments

Twitter: @Christo90567099

Instagram: @chris.evans1970

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