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Christopher Goodman-Triolo


Christopher Goodman-Triolo keeps an old Wall Street adage in mind: “I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone.” The saying is a reflection of Wall Street’s short-term motives and incentives that led up to the 2008 financial collapse, when a tremendous amount of wealth, careers, and opportunities evaporated—and it was when Chris began his career in finance. The experience sparked a drive to help people create legacy assets that offer stability and a solid future for generations to come.

Chris got started in investment banking, covering M&A, wealth management, commercial real estate syndication, and investment sales for major firms like Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Advisors, Harvey & Company, and Kingsbarn Capital. At 23, his rookie year, Chris was recognized by Wells Fargo Advisors CEO Danny Ludeman for being first-in-class for assets under management, accounts opened, and fees generated. Today, at 35, Chris has completed over $18 billion in wealth management, M&A, and commercial real estate transactions over his career—and, as the founder and CEO along with senior management of NLXE,  continues to generate millions for investors via monthly rent distributions. In doing so, he’s garnered the attention of StackSource, Bisnow’s This Week’s Dallas Fort Worth Deal Sheet and Commercial Real Estate News.


With offices in San Diego, Las Vegas, and London, NLXE is a private equity group focusing on single tenant net lease structured investments, commercial real estate advisory, asset management, and data solutions. Their mission is simple: Create value through proprietary technology-driven systems and extensive industry relationships to access the single tenant net lease commercial real estate marketplace in real time. However, the manner by which Chris and his team execute it comes from a place of ingenuity and innovation. They’ve developed the leading single tenant net lease marketplace and digital marketing platform in the industry— and, respectively. These platforms track over 4,000 properties, over $7 billion in inventory value, and have more than 50,000 industry relationships. The result:  NLXE has completed over $1B in real estate acquisitions, dispositions, value-add operational mandates, and capital advisory since their inception in 2018. And NLXE principals invest right alongside their investors, ensuring the best decisions are always made.


In Q4 2022, NLXE launched new structured investment programs to allow investors access to diversified portfolios that include a mix of Fortune 500 and national tenants—and they’re attracting growing interest from publicly traded REITs, investment firms, and ultra-high-net-worth investors from across the U.S.


Chris took a moment to share more about NLXE’s unique structure, how they’re helping investors build and sustain wealth, and what he enjoys most about his work to deliver for them.

Tell us about your new structured investment programs, what they offer, and who can participate?

Our leading online marketplace,, offers investors the ability to participate with our principals as well as the ability to access a diversified portfolio of single tenant net lease assets that include a mix of Fortune 500 and national tenants. We target essential businesses in mission-critical locations on long-term leases, and acquire at competitive levels from our merchant-developer relationships. We’re already seeing superior risk-adjusted returns in the essential retail and health care emerging brands, which presents the best return profile for our investors. Our industry connections and experience allow us to partner with preferred developers so these emerging brands can grow their footprint nationally. This area is where we’re seeing heightened interest from ultra-high-net-worth investors and institutions.

How did your background in real estate and investment banking culminate in NLXE and its specific focus on the single tenant net lease space?

Working at Merrill Lynch during the financial crisis of 2008 made it clear that going forward, investors were shifting away from unpredictable, volatile return profiles and towards investment-grade, long-term principal protection and predictable income solutions. My background gave me the education and resources to develop something suited to institutions and ultra-high net worth investors’ needs while avoiding short-term conflicts of interest and outdated and expensive advisory processes.

What are the benefits of investing in the single tenant net lease space rather than other types of properties, and how are you giving investors an edge?

Appetite for these investments has grown over the decades due to low management requirements; long-term, predictable income, investment-grade tenants, the residual value from mission-critical trophy real estate, as well as the benefits offered from accelerated depreciation schedules. These are all qualities sophisticated investors seek if they’re looking for quality, collateral, and shelter from market volatility.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I always remember“ IBG- YBG - I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone.” The 2008 financial collapse destroyed so many careers, opportunities, and wealth for future generations. Current market conditions, bank collapses, inflation, war, and supply chain issues may suggest we are about to experience a repeat of events. It has never been more paramount to the investment community to seek uncorrelated, predictable, high-quality investments. I enjoy my work because we deliver investments that are legacy assets, fungible, and generate long-term predictable income. We offer investors a host of down-side risk protection that traditional stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and now crypto and NFTs do not offer.


Christopher Goodman-Triolo

Founder & CEO — NLXE


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