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Cindy Machles

While part of the big-conglomerate world, she took an entrepreneurial approach as one of the first to apply marketing principles from consumer-packaged goods to healthcare. This ultimately revealed an unmet need that inspired her to create and lead an independent operating unit within WPP that developed branding exclusively for prescription products.

Seeking to disrupt the industry once again, she joined forces with long-time copywriting partner, Alan Rothenberg, to envision and launch Glue Advertising in 2013 as a more strategic, innovative, nimble, and accountable communications company. Glue verticals include prescription products, devices, diagnostics, and OTCs, B2B, financial services, online gambling, and food and beverage. Its unique, hands-on model has been appreciated by clients and industry watchers alike. Glue has been recognized as a top 20 NYC agency since 2017 and a top digital agency on a global scale!

In 2019, Cindy got out in front of the latest trends, taking on the role of U.S. consultant to Singapore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) media company, SQREEM. And now, with the additional title of chief marketing officer at SecureCHEK AI, she is revolutionizing how advertising collateral is developed—at the push of a button. This will save marketers millions of dollars and months and months of time that can be reallocated to reaching and influencing their target audiences sooner. Finally, as an adjunct to Glue, she is in the process of building, a network of healthcare experts who bring consumers the latest trends and discoveries from the floor of major medical meetings in language they can understand.

Cindy has been recognized as a trailblazer on women’s issues. She was featured in two books—Surrounded by Awesome Women and Founded by Women: Inspiring Stories from 100 Female Founders—and served as a keynote speaker at the nationally-recognized Founded by Women Conference. She is an avid mentor to start-ups—as a founding steering committee member of Chicago Booth Angels Network and an advisor to young companies within University of Chicago’s prestigious accelerator, The Polsky Center.

While Cindy is known more for her agency background, she began her career on the client side in brand management at Revlon, Clorox, and Johnson & Johnson.


Cindy Machles

Co-Founder & CEO —  Glue Advertising & Public Relations


LinkedIn: Cindy Machles

Facebook: glueadvertising

Instagram: glueadvertising

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