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Clint Flowers

Clint Flowers, an Accredited Land Consultant, started selling land in December 2003 as a temporary solution while he worked on getting into corporate banking, something he’d planned on doing during his college days at the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration. He’d gotten a real estate license in college simply because he had enough education hours to do so, so he thought he’d put it to use until the banking job became reality. But, after closing a few land deals, he was hooked, realizing how much he enjoyed helping people achieve their land goals. 

Born and raised in south Alabama, the son of a consultant forester, Clint has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life, so the logic behind buying and selling land investments came naturally to him, as did the desire to help his clients and customers improve their positions. “It was intended to be temporary, but the next thing I knew, I had a business,” Clint says. Deals were coming in and clients were happy, and Clint found he was truly excited about brokering land and learning more about the industry. He decided to shift focus from corporate banking and embrace this newfound passion. He was just 23 when he founded the retail brokerage arm of A&M Forest Consultants. Nearly nineteen years later, Clint is still just as happy as his clients that he’s in the business of land brokerage.

In late 2015, after nearly 13 years of successful independent operation, Clint saw an opportunity to scale his business with a 2+2=5 opportunity by merging his company with National Land Realty. Today, Clint, an Accredited Land Consultant who’s licensed in and operates in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, serves as partner and co-owner of this rapidly growing land brokerage firm that has a presence in 43 states, with plans to be in all 50 states soon. 

The divisions of National Land Realty include brokerage of agricultural, recreational, timber, hunting, conservation, commercial, and solar land, a lending arm making rural land loans, and a leasing division focused on farm, mineral, carbon, wind, solar, hunting, and other applicable land-based leases. Since Clint’s 2015 merger, National Land Realty has skyrocketed to five times its original size and continues to see an average of 40% growth annually utilizing an agent-centric model, closing $1.5 billion in 2021 alone, making it one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the country, with 380+ agents in their employ. Their motto is, “We exist to make things grow,” and it’s certainly an apt one, not only for their clients’ returns, but for the company’s evolution as well. Clint’s clients include large landowners, high-income individuals like professional athletes and business owners, as well as several of the largest landowners in the U.S.—and they all trust Clint and the team at National Land Realty as experts to help guide their land decisions.

Due to his long-term success for his clients and his ever-expanding expertise in the land industry, Clint has been named the Top Producer Nationwide at NLR annually from 2015 to 2021, awarded the RLI APEX National Broker Award four times, named the National Timberland Broker of the Year twice, and earned the award, Alabama Land Realtor of the Year.

Clint will be the first to credit National Land Realty’s unique model for his success too, with a full agent support staff, a marketing team, a GIS team, a technology development team, and NLR’s culture, which has secured them both top talent and strong loyalty. “We’re an anti-franchise model, so we don’t require long-term financial or time commitments from its agents the way most companies do. NLR’s growth is rooted in its culture of accountability to its agents and its ability to produce for them. The company doesn’t make a dime until AFTER the agent does, which is a rare find these days,” Clint explains. That dedication to making sure agents are supported and successful has paid off, resulting in almost no turnover since the company started 12+ years ago. And, in the era of the Great Resignation, where employees and agents across many industries are fleeing for the doors, the loyalty that National Land Realty has engendered in their team stands as a testament to their employee and agent-centric culture.

Being dedicated is something that comes naturally to Clint, just as it did 19 years ago when he was still imagining land brokerage as a temporary strategy. His motto is, “Service above sales,” driven by the desire to always exceed client expectations—and he certainly does. No matter how much expertise he has, which could arguably fill a small library, Clint is eternally inspired to keep gaining more knowledge and more insight so that he can better serve his clients, customers, and his teammates. “I’m always looking to find solutions where others might not see one. I’m terrible at taking ‘no’ for an answer, and I hate the word ‘can’t.’ It motivates me to find solutions more than any other word in existence,” he says, which is why he’s known for his ability to get things done and tackle any challenges that get in the way. Helping clients get the results they want around a piece of land is also something that drives him. “For some clients, achieving their goals isn’t a monetary issue,” he says. “It could be based on emotion, conservation goals, tax shelter needs, wildlife habitat desires, or a family-driven transaction. Regardless, I enjoy getting people where they want to be with their land goals.”

When he’s not helping and educating clients on the myriad benefits of owning, buying, or selling land, Clint, a husband and father, spends time with his family and partakes in several local and national organizations, including the Rotary Club of Mobile, the Order of Fuse, the Alabama Forest Land Trust, the Alabama Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, the Quality Deer Management Association, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Clint Flowers
Co-Owner & Partner —  National Land Realty
Accredited Land Consultant
LinkedIn: Clint Flowers
Instagram: @ClintFlowers_Land

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