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Connor J. Ferguson

In 2009, Connor J. Ferguson faced one of life’s greatest challenges: turning a negative situation into a positive one. When the global financial crisis led to a drop in stock prices, he was among the thousands of employees who lost their jobs at HSBC. Determined to prevent such a predicament from reoccurring, Connor became an entrepreneur in the health care industry the following year—ensuring that the next time a catastrophe occurred, he would be in charge. In 2015, he partnered with four doctors to co-found Premier Medical Management (PMM), Central Maryland’s largest physician-owned managed service organization. Headquartered in Howard County, the company was established to help independent physician practices remain independent and to make local neighborhoods healthier places to live. They have since grown to over $40 million in projected revenues for FY 2021 and have expanded across the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas. Over the next five years, PMM plans to continue expanding across the mid-Atlantic region.


The company’s growth and success continued full speed ahead—even when the next global crisis came in the form of a global pandemic. Connor promised himself that no employee would lose his or her job due to COVID, and he not only kept his promise, but also hired an additional 200 people. The research arm of PMM helped to develop the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; over 600 people participated, one of the highest enrolling clinical trials sites in the world. They also developed two rapid COVID 19 tests with Abbott, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of lab supplies and equipment. After partnering with the State of Maryland and the local county government, they also began overseeing the operations of a mass vaccination site, where they administered over 40,000 vaccinations.


Healthcare Equity is another initiative at PMM, which was executed by launching drive-thru virtual offices, strep testing, and COVID testing services with no appointments required. For people who are unable to drive, the company sends mobile testing buses to underserved neighborhoods. Over the past 12 months, staff members have administered over 200,000 COVID tests. “We are empowering and improving physician/patient relationships through better customer services processes, cutting-edge technology offerings, alternative payment models, and ancillary healthcare services,” Connor explains. “PMM is lowering patients’ annual healthcare costs while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and government-regulated quality metrics.”


Connor and his partners also focus on empowering their employees by incorporating Six Sigma-based business principals. “This helps to expand the practice while keeping it dynamic,” he explains. In 2020, PMM applied the business principles within its two main subsidiaries—Centennial Medical Group (primary care) and First Call Medical Center (urgent care). The company’s holistic approach keeps communities healthier via its employees, whom they help to grow a career in healthcare. Since their group is multi-specialty, PMM staff members are given opportunities to obtain multi-level positions.   

Because the company values philanthropy, PMM created a scholarship program for employees who are interested in continuing their education. They also work with a number of charities that serve local communities. For example, the company supports the Ed Reed Foundation, a nonprofit founded by the Baltimore Ravens Hall of Fame safety, Ed Reed, by bringing health care services to inner city Baltimore. “At PMM, we believe that a profitable medical practice is a sustainable medical practice, which can serve the community’s needs no matter the economic environment,” says Connor.


Connor J. Ferguson

Managing Partner

Premier Medical Management


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