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Corey Wisdom


After years of first-hand experience in finance, Corey Wisdom has developed an in-depth knowledge of various concepts and strategies relating to business and investments. For as long as he can remember, Corey has been passionate about entrepreneurship and believes that pursuing ownership is key to creating generational wealth and to taking control of one’s own destiny. As a result, Corey became the founder and chief executive officer of Comis Group Incorporated, a diversified investment holding company with the mission of improving the underlying business operations of the companies in which they invest.


Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Comis Group was founded in May 2016. The diversified investment holding company focuses on four main areas: food and beverage, packaging, media and entertainment, and consumer products. However, they also occasionally invest in companies within other industries. Comis Group also operates as an intermediary, raising capital for companies on behalf of their network of lenders and investors. As the founder and CEO, Corey is responsible for directing investment strategies and overseeing all decisions related to the company.


Corey and his team take a value-add approach, investing in companies where they can add value, either through marketing, synergies, or leveraging their own strengths and resources to improve the company’s business operations. For instance, Comis Group thrives at developing brands, which is one of the top three value-add components they use to improve the companies they assist.


According to Corey, another aspect that sets Comis Group apart from other investment companies is their ability to stay up to date on the latest trends. “We are always in the market with our feet on the ground. We are always ahead of the game and prioritize innovation and creativity,” says Corey.


As a result, the team has already completed three deals this year. In the first deal, Comis Group raised $3 million for a food and beverage company, which was used to help fund their expansion and working capital needs. Next, they raised $2.25 million for a hardwood manufacturing company who also utilized the funds for expansion and working capital, and the third deal was with a specialty furniture retail company. Corey and his team raised $820,000 toward their expansion and working capital.


Since childhood, Corey has always had several ventures going on at once. As a young entrepreneur, he ran four paper routes simultaneously and subcontracted two out to the younger children in his neighborhood. He also held car washes, shoveled snow and sold candy. After graduating from high school, Corey enrolled at the University of Windsor in Ontario where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He then worked in finance at a major bank before venturing out on his own. In his free time, Corey enjoys traveling, and has a passion for visiting other countries and learning about new cultures.




Corey Wisdom

Founder and CEO

Comis Group Inc.

55 Village Centre Place

Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1V9 Canada


Instagram: @CoreyWisdom

LinkedIn:  |

Download the magazine and see Corey's feature on page 28.

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