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Corina Cordova, CCIM 

Vice President

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Corina Cordova, CCIM

Fueled by her passion, Corina became a master at balancing between a successful career and family. Corina Cordova’s first transaction of her commercial real estate career was valued at $1.5 million, which she saw as a divine opportunity that she was on the right path. Since that pivotal event, she embarked on a successful real estate venture piquing her interest in commercial real estate. She has since secured a combined total sales volume of over $81 million in closed transactions in Texas. Her extensive credentialing includes licensing by the Texas Real Estate Commission, and she is also pursuing her Commercial Property Management (CPM) designation, as well as her licensing credentials with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission. However, obtaining her Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, one of the highest distinctions in the commercial real estate sector, is one of her proudest accomplishments.


Today, with over 14 years of experience in the field, and a decade on the commercial side, she serves as Vice President of Exalt Real Estate Group, LLC. Founded in 2013 by Sovik DasGupta, Exalt Real Estate Group specializes in acquiring, developing, and managing portfolios of investment-grade, best-in-class commercial real estate, with a portfolio that has spanned across multiple asset classes, geographical markets, and industries.


Corina joined the firm in 2019 after a successful merger and acquisition of her own RE/MAX franchise. Now she brings it all to bear as she manages Exalt’s multimillion-dollar portfolio of commercial assets, which includes several hundred thousand square feet of professional office space in Texas. From a small border town to the leader of a thriving and growing firm, Corina is not only driving the company forward, but paving the way for other emerging female leaders in this highly competitive industry.

We sat down with Corina to learn more about her role, her journey, and her passion to nurture the success of others.

Tell us a bit about your role at Exalt.

I was initially recruited by Exalt’s founder to be the Director of Commercial Property Management, rose to Director of Asset Management, and later promoted to my current role as Executive Vice President, where I oversee and manage all operations of Exalt’s extensive commercial portfolio as well as construction projects within the portfolio. My extensive experience in construction management, as well as being bilingual, enables me to effectively manage large-scale projects.

How does your experience with government agencies and urban planning benefit your current career?

Early on, I joined a governmental and urban planning consulting firm as a grant administrator. This is where I became intimately familiar with zoning, urban planning, and other developmental approval processes for master-planned developments. Because of that experience, I’m able to oversee the underwriting, planning, and construction of complex development projects.


Corina, you’re so passionate about helping minority women succeed. Where does this come from, and why is it important to you?

When I use the term “minority,” I’m referring to being a woman in the commercial real estate space, which has predominately been a male-dominated industry. It’s not only been rewarding to me to earn the respect of my peers in the industry, but to also have the opportunity to pay it forward by empowering other women to pursue a successful career in commercial real estate. Ultimately, I give God all the honor and glory because it was, He who rewarded me and elevated me. I encourage more women to actively take on more executive leadership roles, as I firmly believe women bring a unique perspective to the boardroom.   


Can you share just a few of your most memorable accomplishments?

Of course. I’ll share two. When I represented Oasis Financial in the disposition of a combined Phase I and Phase II – 74 acre family residential development known as Las Colinas of Treasure Hills Subdivision, as well as when I represented the Donna Economic Development Corporation in the development, planning, and land disposition of a 23-plus-acre master-planned retail and land development for economic growth. Together, these deals had a combined disposition of approximately $17 million, which was certainly among two hallmarks of my career. However, I am most excited about my future with the many developments we have been pursuing here at Exalt.

How has Exalt and Founder - Sovik DasGupta further impacted your journey as a leader in commercial real estate?

Sovik DasGupta, Founder and President of Exalt Real Estate Group, has played a pivotal role in my career. Sovik has been the driving force behind the success of Exalt Real Estate Group and many other of his entities. He landed in New York City after college, where he modeled his experiences through countless aggressive transactions, tough negotiations, analytical, and organizational skills. Transitioning from a successful real estate investor to a real estate developer, Sovik had a vision that he was able to expand on by operating not one, but many successful entities and he continues to focus on expansion and growth in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and New York. Sovik is a unique leader with an infectious personality who has created a successful culture at Exalt based around honesty, integrity, and teamwork; he’s genuinely one of a kind and continues to push me daily to excel. His vision and ability to inspire his team is truly inspiring. Sovik truly believes in attracting and retaining female talent and has made a concerted effort to develop women leaders in our organization. He’s always told me, in his mind, the business case is clear: “When talented women are at the table, the discussion is richer, the decision-making process is more thorough, and the organization is stronger.”


Sovik, in one word how would you describe Corina and what her leadership means to Exalt?


That’s impossible. What I can say is that it is truly a great honor to have a leader like Corina in our organization and on our Exalt team. Corina is a true dreamer that believes anything is possible, a visionary, a change-maker, consummate professional, and a trailblazer who is loved and respected by everyone she encounters. We are so proud of all her achievements, but know the best is yet to come.


Corina Cordova, CCIM

Exalt Real Estate Group, LLC


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