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Corry Deale

Anyone looking for a great home and community in and around Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, will get so much more if they work with Corry Deale. Working under the brand, Corry Deale Homes, with brokerage RE/MAX One, she’s served hundreds of clients in Maryland and Virginia with a special focus on military families, handling everything from $10,000 properties to million-dollar homes, from starter to vacation homes. Going into her 9th year in real estate, Corry was named a Top 1% Realtor, a First Quarter Top Producer, and was in the Million Dollar Club nine out of 12 months, all in 2021 alone.


But it’s more than just helping families find a home. Corry makes sure they feel welcomed, connecting them with her network and getting them settled into the area she calls home. Residing near the town her ancestors founded, Corry is much more than a realtor. “This community and its people are everything to me,” she says. “I’m not just a realtor, I’m your neighbor.”


We sat down with Corry to learn more about what working in real estate means to her.


Tell us about your connection to the area.


My home is in Chesapeake Beach, 12 miles from Deale, MD, where my father was born in his uncle’s home. This small town was named after my ancestors in the 1700s. Founder, Capt. James Deale, is laid to rest in Galesville, MD. Strangers see the hereditary white streak in my hair and say, “Hey, I bet you’re a Deale.” I jokingly ask, “How did you know?”


What brought you back to the real estate industry?


Reeling from the loss of my mom, I reevaluated my life and decided that if I passed the real estate test, again, that was the path God was leading me back to. It was the best decision I ever made, and this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. My passion drives me to work every day because it’s not work to me and I’m carrying on mom’s legacy. She was very prominent in the real estate community, so I now work with people she worked with. One REALTOR® sent me a letter on mom’s birthday telling me how, if not for her guidance, she wouldn’t be where she is today in real estate. I want to make my mom proud every day. She was absolutely amazing and was a pillar in our community.


Does your intimate knowledge of the area as a native benefit homebuyers and sellers?


Absolutely. I watched Calvert County, Maryland, grow from farmland. My dad was a builder, so I got to know a lot of the subdivisions. As teenagers, we had nothing to do, no movie theaters or anything, so we’d drive up and down the roads and through new developments being built. I know all the nooks and crannies; I know the roads and neighborhoods like the back of my hand. In getting to know people, I can introduce them to community activities, groups, and book clubs, and I give them a list of local businesses.


Tell us about your involvement with Homes for Heroes.


I gratefully give 30% of my compensation back to Homes for Heroes; they’re a nonprofit. I’m the local

ambassador for the program. I always ask my clients questions to see if they fit one of the categories. Through the program, they can receive a check back after purchasing a home or I can arrange to have this money applied toward their closing costs instead.


Why did you choose to specialize in military families?


I have a great respect for what they do. My husband was in the Air Force, and I have family members who were in the military. There’s great sacrifice the military families make in moving to new communities. They need someone who cares and can find them a place to call home. I’ve been in their shoes, moving to where I knew no one and nothing, so I can empathize as a spouse and mom.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


It goes back to helping families find the right home, whether to grow or retire. I go door-knocking if I have to and look for expired listings and inactive properties. I’ve found perfect homes that way. When I see pictures of a family around a table at Thanksgiving or decorating for Christmas, it makes me happy! That is the meaning of everything I do.


Corry Deale

Realtor — RE/MAX One

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