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Craig Goodliffe

In today's increasingly digital age, the traditional office model is being challenged and reimagined. Enter Craig Goodliffe, the visionary CEO of Cyberbacker, a company that has swiftly emerged as a frontrunner in providing first-class administrative support services globally.


Founded in 2018, Cyberbacker’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. Initially a team of 120 in 2019, they boasted over 3,300 Cyberbackers in 2023. Headquartered in Utah, with key operations in the Philippines, they now cater to nearly 3,000  global clients. Their rapid success has been noted not just in the Top 100 Magazine, but also in renowned publications like The Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine.


Craig's vision for Cyberbacker isn't just about numbers, however. Since he was last published, a significant emphasis has been placed on nurturing the company's culture. An embodiment of this ethos is made evident by their new hub in Davao, Philippines, designed to train Cyberbackers before they transition to remote working setups. This workspace serves as a testament to Cyberbacker's commitment to quality and community, a value instilled by their president, Sheila.


To combat the solitude that might come with remote work, Craig introduced Funbacker. It's a novel initiative that ensures each member feels acknowledged, from birthday cards to surprises on work anniversaries. This program stems from Craig's personal reflections on workplace culture and his hopes for the future work environment.


Cyberbacker's ingenuity isn't limited to office spaces and employee engagement. They've also forayed into the events sector, purchasing a venue that held an astounding 183 events in its inaugural year, showcasing the returns of investing in the right people. This shift into the event space wasn't just for profits, but an illustration of Cyberbacker's core principle: leveraging human potential to its fullest.


Craig’s humanitarian streak further shines with the initiation of Sharing the Good life, a non-profit aiming to aid disaster relief in the Philippines. Titled after his surname, the organization not only aids during catastrophes, but also supports other charities, emphasizing affordable housing in its agenda.


Craig Goodliffe and Cyberbacker stand as shining examples of what happens when businesses balance profit with purpose, efficacy with empathy. Through innovative models and a deep-rooted commitment to its people, Cyberbacker is not just redefining remote work, but also reshaping the global workplace's future. As the world watches, one can only anticipate what Craig will envision next.


While this isn't Craig's first appearance in the limelight—he's already garnered accolades from the Top 100 Magazine twice before—we wanted to speak with him to learn more about the recent developments at Cyberbacker and the lives he’s changing in the process. True to form, Craig did not disappoint!


How are cyberbacker clients seeing results in their businesses?


Most of our clients report to us that they are able to experience a higher level of talent when they open their business to working virtually. They go from having a limited humber of applicants let alone good job aplicaants when hiring locally to having hard time choseing because each cyberbacker candidate that they are presented with is such a remarkable candidate. One of the factors Craig tells us is that the US Unemploytment rate is less than 4%, meaning that there aren’t many people looking for a job and most that are lack the skills that a business owner would need. That makes cyberbacker an easy option for them to find a wonderful team member.


How has Cyberbacker addressed the challenges faced by remote workers, especially in terms of isolation?


Cyberbacker introduced Funbacker to ensure the well-being and quality of life for our remote employees. Recognizing the potential feelings of isolation from working at home, Funbacker regularly checks in on the Cyberbackers. Moreover, every Cyberbacker receives a birthday card, a note, or even food on their birthday or work anniversary to foster a sense of belonging and appreciation.


Tell us more about the workspace hub that Cyberbacker set up.


Cyberbacker introduced a hub in Davao, Philippines, featuring 25-30 cubicles. This workspace serves as a training ground for new Cyberbackers before transitioning to a home-based environment. We have plans to launch more of these hubs in the future.


You’ve received enormous feedback from Cyberbackers, acknowledging the success of the Cyberbacker model. Can you share a few of them?


I’d love to…and I recall many of them. I get messages from Cyberbackers saying they have more savings than they’ve ever had before, or a note saying they bought their first car. It’s extremely rewarding. I have a photo of each Cyberbacker and their families on the wall in my office, all 3,300 of them, and I write down all their names because I feel it’s important to have a personal connection.


I recall one of our Cyberbackers, Kylie Antonio, told me that before Cyberbacker, she had to work onsite and could only be with her husband during the weekends because he lived and worked in a different city. She joined Cyberbacker and now works from home, so she spends more time with her husband and is also finally able feed her savings account. She expressed how everyone was really supportive and how much she loves working for her client, noting that we gave her the training to advance in her career. This is why I do what I do. If there’s a better job in this world, I have never heard of it.


Another testimonial that I recall was from Darrel Ocfemia. He shared that he felt fortunate to be part of a fantastic team at Cyberbacker, and from the moment he joined, he was welcomed with open arms and felt right at home. He said he appreciated the collaborative culture, creativity, and innovation, citing that everyone works together to achieve success while having fun in the process. He also values the access we provide to cutting-edge technology, which allows Cyberbackers to stay ahead of the competition.


I’ve received hundreds of these heartfelt and grateful letters and that makes me extremely proud of what we’ve been able to do, and even more hopeful for what we will do in the future.


Lastly, Craig, you mentioned that you now have more time for yourself. Can you expound on that?


The amazing Cyberbackers and phenomenal people I work with have progressed tremendously in the past year and have become self-sufficient, so I have less to worry about. This has allowed me to spend more uninterrupted personal time with my son, so it’s a two-fold accomplishment.


Craig Goodliffe

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