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Cris Luce

"We do not inherent the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” - Chief Seattle. This is the guiding principle for SmartSort Technologies, Inc. co-founder and COO, Cris Luce. With the goal of becoming better stewards of the planet and its resources, the company is on a mission to solve sustainable materials management for a circular economy. By harnessing the power of patented AI software and hardware, SmartSort is revolutionizing the waste management space to address the problem of contamination and cost head-on. “We significantly reduce contamination, which permits the material to be reused in the manufacturing of goods or composting and, in turn, reduces cost,” he explains. SmartSort‘s patented system for digital out-of-home post-consumer waste diversion directs and educates people on where to dispose of their trash—and in the simplest way. The display resides on the back of a trash can which has three options —recycle, compost, and landfill—essentially eliminating the guesswork of where to deposit your trash. It even features a data analytics and reporting component for the facilities.


The company is putting these innovative systems out for free, with an option to purchase and take part in the new revenue inflows the system introduces with advertisers. When it comes to developing efficiencies in material waste management, SmartSort Technologies is on the cutting edge as a leader in zero-waste to landfill solutions. "The problem with sustainability is that it has not been economically sustainable—until now,” Cris says.

Cris is on the board of both the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling and Keep the Colony Beautiful.

Cris Luce

Co-Founder & COO — SmartSort Technologies, Inc.




Instagram: @SmartSortAI

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