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Crystal Hill, MBA, CPRS

“My goal in life is to show others that it’s possible not only to recover, but to succeed too.”

A little over six years ago, Crystal Hill stood outside the prison walls, for the second time. She’d given birth to her son during her first incarceration and swore this time would be the last. It was a day that would mark the end of 25 years of severe addiction and eating disorder struggles, and a new beginning driven by a fierce determination to succeed—and to help others do the same. Today, with seven years of sobriety and seven in remission from eating disorders, Crystal is a board-certified peer recovery specialist with an MBA and the founder and CEO of Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym in North Minneapolis, the first intensive outpatient co-occurring and substance use disorder program in Minnesota to incorporate fitness into treatment. “I can relate with just about anybody that walks through our door and what they’re going through because I’ve been through it,” she shares. “When I figured out how to change my life, I wanted to help others do the same.”

Crystal reflected on her own experiences with recovery centers and the gaps in their treatment programs, and designed Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym with an array of services to fill them. TCWCRG offers group and individual counseling, mental health diagnostic assessments and psychotherapy, substance use disorder education, transitional services, case management and care coordination, mentorship/recovery coaching, and medical services. Underlying it all is one crucial key to recovery that Crystal found missing from treatment centers—fitness. It was exercise that helped Crystal springboard from addict to inspiring business leader, a technique she’d learned in prison boot camp and now brings to TCWCRG clients with therapeutic recreation wellness groups, free kickboxing classes, and an open gym.

“In prison boot camp, we did 45 minutes of PT every morning. I was clear-minded, sober, and I felt good about myself, but then when I went into treatment, fitness wasn’t offered, and my mental health challenges began to creep in again,” Crystal recalls. She started exercising on her own and saw her mental state improve. “I thought, if everyone had access to exercise, they’d have a better chance of recovery. Incorporating fitness into the lives of those in recovery while providing safe, supportive living is my passion.”

Equally important to Crystal was ensuring that TCWCRG’s entire staff was composed of people in recovery. “People who come to us feel safe because we’ve been where they are, and we know the road ahead of them—and through our success, they can also see what’s possible on the other side of recovery,” she says. “Our clients say that there’s never been a treatment center like this, and it gives them a different level of hope. One person who graduated from our program is sober, working, and back with his family.”

For the 32 clients who currently call TCWCRG “home,” in Crystal, they see not only a successful leader, but an inspiring force who has dedicated her entire career to bringing others with her. Just a year out of prison boot camp, and prior to starting TCWCRG, a Minnesota DHS-licensed treatment facility for those struggling with substance use disorders, mental health issues, and criminal behaviors, she helped establish and operate One Love Housing sober living homes. “The first time I helped someone, I felt like it was why I went through what I did,” she says. “Now I get to give them new hope and give my son a better life than I had.”


Crystal Hill, MBA, CPRS

CEO & Owner — Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym



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