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Cydian Kauffman

Cydian Kauffman is a mediator, leader, and seasoned businessperson, but above all, he is a passionate proponent of good communication. He's been on a career-long mission to mitigate disputes and implement improvements to business practices. While doing all of that, he has spearheaded projects that benefit his community and beyond.

Cydian's career began with conflict resolution where he founded Mediation Sphere, it evolved into property management where he founded Tenantsphere. With a history of expertise in tech consulting and operational strategy, complemented by his ability to unite people, Cydian capitalized on his talents and founded Maven Services, a business consulting firm centered around his own mediation and communication practice. In recent years Cydian has turned his focus to Earth’s most valuable resource, as one of the owners of Pure Water Northwest he can also help the people have clean drinking water.

In just five years, Cydian has led Pure Water Northwest through exponential growth, taking revenues from $130,000 to over $1M, from six 5-star reviews to 75, and expanded their team from one employee to a staff of 13. His method of communication and conflict resolution are truly a blue ocean strategy at the core of this 10x business boom.

Conflict resolution has not only shaped Cydian’s career trajectory, but also led to groundbreaking innovations like Conflict-to-Capital Transformation (CCT), which is a unique strategy that recognizes that progress moves at the speed of human relationships and leverages the power of conflict resolution through mediation as a means of manifesting capital. This strategy is characterized by gaining capital by seeking out areas of conflict and leveraging the resolution towards revenue. In simple terms, it is a method which turns a loss into a gain.

This concept was demonstrated by Cydian when he was serving as director of business development for the B2B services giant, Richter. It was there that he mediated for the company's largest client. By employing his Conflict-to-Capital Transformation strategy he created (CCT), the conflict was resolved, and the outcome was a $300,000 sale, the highest on record at the time.

The CTC approach was pivotal in Cydian’s work managing properties at Tenantsphere. While standard operations would pit owner against tenant when tenants fail to pay rent, Cydian instead connected tenants with services that could help them pay rent, arranged timelines for smooth move outs and helped them find new places to live.  Thus, saving the owner months of rental income loss, court costs and maintaining good relationships.


For Cydian, success is not only measured in terms of revenue or awards. It's about advancing communities and the lives of the people who inhabit them. Whether he is converting arsenic springs into potable water sources, giving equal importance to landlords and tenants, or seeking out conflict to turn it to capital, Cydian is in the business of improving lives.

Cydian has qualifications and licensing in mediation, water treatment, and real estate because he wants his work to touch everything people care about most. As he continues to foster communication and provide relief to those in need, we are reminded that through commitment and purpose, one person can in fact make a difference.



Cydian Kauffman
Pure Water Northwest

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