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Cynthia Ekberg Tsai

As CEO of Healthquest, a global biotechnology and medical technologies advisory firm, Cynthia Ekberg Tsai specializes in providing strategic introductions and advice to rising executives. She believes the best business ideas, strategies, and relationships develop in great settings. As a former New Yorker with two decades of experience as a Wall Street executive and a degree in psychology, she is an authority on the ways in which the work setting can focus, nurture or stifle innovative thinking and strategic ideas. “Think of having a personal GPS guiding you to the destination,” she explains.

Now based in Montana, Cynthia opens the doors of her Whisper Ranch, in Wolf Creek, Montana, where she works with her clients to achieve their goals in a setting that stimulates new thinking and new business alliances. “After working and living in New York and Washington, D.C., I had come to realize that the environment in which you work with teams and leadership really does matter. One of the keys to success is building relationships. Wolf Creek, Montana, is an ideal place to work and exchange ideas with guests from all over the world,” she shares.

Cynthia launched Healthquest in 1995, when she began working with and investing in a number of early-stage technology companies originating from MIT. “Some of the initial investments we made in in 1995 are still in the marketplace, and I’ve worked with many of these founders for 25 years,” she explains. She continues to identify and work with extraordinary executives in the tech, biotechnology, therapeutic, AI, and data spaces.


Cynthia entered the finance industry in the 1980s, when there were few women on Wall Street. It was the early days of the cash-management account, an innovation which served as a major turning point for the industry, bringing investors into the marketplace in a much greater way. With the motto, “Nothing ever happens to girls who say no!” driving her, she excelled in roles as vice president for Kidder Peabody, CEO of Executive Action Sports and Entertainment, and president of Tana Systems. She forged a significant friendship with Bruno Cohen, chairman of the The Galien Foundation, which began with an email he sent to her by mistake. As a result, her introductions helped bring the Galien platform to the U.S. In recognition for many achievements, Tsai received the award as Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World.

As a successful entrepreneur and a female pioneer on Wall Street, Cynthia knows intimately the pressures of leadership and appreciates its demands. “CEOs have huge responsibilities. It’s important to respect their goals and what is driving them personally,” she shares.

One unique principal that continues to govern Cynthia’s career is the idea of allowing people to be authentic and to consider what they are really trying to achieve for themselves. It is with this philosophy that she helps her clients succeed, and in a setting that nurtures creative business thinking and allows individuals to thrive—The Whisper Ranch.

“Is it more interesting to sit in a room with a whiteboard or to be surrounded by natural beauty, which is more unique and stimulating? It’s a different feeling when creating ideas and working through strategy,” she shares. “It’s a wonderful place to invite business guests to share their vision while we fly fish at Gates of the Mountains and we enjoy breakfast while overlooking the big horn sheep coming to Wolf Creek for a drink.  At The Whisper Ranch, executives focus on the possible, and individual confidence runs strong, nurtured by rare access to a powerful network.”


Cynthia Ekberg Tsai

CEO — Healthquest

1576 Montana Hwy 434

Wolf Creek, MT  59648

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