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Dalton appears in the Top 100 

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Dalton Campbell


In just six years in the financial services industry, Dalton Campbell has already helped hundreds of clients on their way to reaching their financial goals and building their wealth. Dalton is a financial advisor with The Anchor Group, operating out of their Shenandoah Valley location and manages a team of advisors. His focus is comprehensive retirement planning and tax-minimization planning for small businesses and self-employed individuals; many of his clients are real estate professionals. Dalton and his team achieve this by taking a holistic, research-based approach to finances, creating a customized strategy for each client and their unique goals and challenges. Dalton’s background in personal training has no doubt informed the holistic viewpoint and the discipline it takes to create, maintain, and adapt a rigorous and thorough plan.


In 2017, a year after joining The Anchor Group, Dalton ranked among the top 5% in the U.S., and was named Anchor’s Rookie of the Year. And it’s only gone upwards from there. He’s been ranked among the Top 40 every year with Anchor’s broker-dealer and since 2020, has been in the Top 5. The Anchor Group also named him their Advisor of the Year in 2021.


His objective is to help families, business owners, and anyone who wants to build their wealth through step-by-step strategies and deep-dive research into the most optimal solutions for their situations. “The primary focus of my planning is making money as efficient as possible for clients, no matter what their goals are,” he says.


Dalton was kind enough to share some insight with us into his approach to financial advisory.


Why did you choose to focus on serving specifically this population?


My first year in the business, I worked with everybody. As I started to see more success and development in my career, I became like a neurosurgeon in specific areas, rather than all things to all people. Now, clients know exactly what I do and who I serve. All my clients are referrals, and this is because I focus in very specific areas serving very specific people—small businesses, families, real estate professionals, and retirees.


How is your approach different from other advisors?


I’ll answer this in an honest way. My approach, I don't know if it’s different, but I genuinely do care about my clients. I’ll lose sleep thinking about some of them. I put a lot of effort and customization into every single plan. Based on my experiences talking to clients and meeting those who worked with other financial planners, I believe I provide a lot more detail than other advisors. I also focus on social security, retirement, tax minimization, and the underlying strategy of the plan. I feel like a lot of our industry focuses on AUM and fees and commission, whereas I’m focused solely on providing an effective customized plan to as many people as possible. I don’t care about the fees, the commission, the awards. I care about the people I serve. I believe if I do enough right for enough people, the success will follow.


Your desire to help people achieve goals extends to your work as a sought-after public speaker. Tell us a little about this.


Any time I’ve gone to business conferences and events, people have always taken an interest in how disciplined and motivated I seem to be. At a younger age, I saw massive success in business. I would put together presentations about how to brand yourself and find deep motivation to accomplish things you want to accomplish in life. I decided to launch my public speaking on a larger scale so I could touch more people, help more people, across industries and professions, to help them thrive in life and in their careers.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


What I enjoy most is that I’m genuinely interested in what I do. I’m completely fascinated with my industry and helping individuals create solid financial plans and be their best self. That motivates me. I don’t see it as work. I feel like I’m playing all day because I’m doing something I really enjoy, and I’m very grateful to have found that. I love the people, I love the impact I’m able to make in people’s lives—I just love it.


Dalton is a graduate of Bridgewater College. He holds FINRA Series 7 and 66 designations and is Life, Health, and Annuities Licensed.


Dalton Campbell

Financial Advisor — The Anchor Group




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