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Dan Katona


Dan Katona serves as the co-founder and co-CEO of Nectar, a distinguished, fully managed e-commerce services agency. In his multifaceted role, Dan takes charge of overseeing the company's operations, including employee management, and spearheads the development of robust systems and processes. His substantial contributions have played a pivotal role in driving Nectar's remarkable growth and establishing it as a premier agency in the industry.

Setting Dan apart within the co-CEO realm is his unique blend of skills and experiences. With a background in accounting, he possesses the expertise to strategically guide brands toward profitable scaling. Furthermore, his legal acumen, attested by a JD degree from Rutgers University, positions him as a valuable resource for clients navigating intricate business matters.

Prior to his venture into e-commerce, Dan accumulated five years of experience at Price Waterhouse Cooper. However, driven by a desire for more fulfilling pursuits, he transitioned to the world of e-commerce, creating five successful brands specializing in home decor, consumables, and more. As these brands flourished, Dan bid farewell to his corporate role at PWC to fully commit to his entrepreneurial journey.

In 2019, Dan, alongside his brother, Josh Katona, and law school colleague, Jason Landro, established Nectar. Recognizing market gaps in meeting the e-commerce needs of established brands, they partnered with senior advisor, Scott Kalan. The proceeds from their brand sales fueled Nectar's growth, resulting in a dynamic team of 60 dedicated professionals. Nectar specializes in assisting brands to thrive on e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

What distinguishes Nectar in this fiercely competitive space is its comprehensive approach. The agency has assembled a team of subject matter experts capable of providing plug-and-play solutions for mid-market to enterprise brands. Services span from SEO and copywriting to photography, videography, graphic design, and ad-buying on platforms like Amazon and Google—providing everything necessary for profitable scaling on marketplace platforms. 

Nectar's success is marked by its adaptability and agility, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when it smoothly transitioned to a remote work model. This shift demonstrates their commitment to maintaining excellence, reinforced by monthly activities like 'Lunch and Learns,' which uphold their values of collaboration and engagement.

In a landscape saturated with e-commerce agencies, Nectar stands out with its holistic approach, unwavering dedication to partners' success, and ability to adapt to changing times. Not only does Nectar specialize in scaling businesses profitably, but it also fosters a culture of innovation and camaraderie in a fully remote setting, delivering boutique-style service and customization to large brands using top-notch processes backed by data, emphasizing its commitment to revolutionizing e-commerce practices.



Dan Katona
Co-CEO/Head of Operations

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