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Dan Monaghan

In the realm of executive search and recruitment, Dan Monaghan stands as a paragon of expertise and experience. Serving as the managing partner of Monaghan-Phillips Executive Search, Dan brings over three decades of invaluable insight and leadership within the health sciences industry.

With a rich history in the medical device sector, Dan's journey into the realm of executive search was a serendipitous blend of timing and opportunity. Retired for a mere three months, Dan received a call from Betty Phillips, a longtime colleague and friend. Betty's proposition to join forces in founding Monaghan-Phillips Executive Search marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Dan. Reflecting on the inception of their partnership, Dan remarks, "The rest is history. We're partners now, and it's crazy busy."

Dan's unique approach to executive search stems from his passion for coaching, a skill honed through years of mentoring lacrosse teams ranging from youth to high school levels. Drawing parallels between coaching in sports and leadership in the corporate world, Dan emphasizes the transformative power of guiding individuals to unlock their full potential. "It's about getting the right people in the right positions and then coaching them, nurturing them to be the best they can be," Dan affirms.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dan has cultivated a reputation for building effective and successful teams, whether in startup ventures or large healthcare corporations. Notable accomplishments include revitalizing Siemens' ultrasound business and doubling revenues during his tenure at Samsung's ultrasound division.

Beyond his professional accolades, Dan's proudest moments are rooted in the success stories of individuals he has coached and mentored. "I enjoy seeing all these awesome people have success and being part of that," he shares. "Finding that great career opportunity for someone, guiding them, and then watching them land a new position at a company—it's such a great feeling."

As the driving force behind Monaghan-Phillips Executive Search, Dan leverages his extensive network and firsthand experience in senior leadership roles to offer unparalleled value to clients and candidates alike. With a focus on the life sciences market, particularly in diagnostic imaging, the firm is renowned for its ability to identify talent that not only exceeds expectations, but also fosters sustainable longevity within organizations.

Dan's insider perspective, gained from years spent in executive positions, sets Monaghan-Phillips apart from other firms in the industry. His ability to empathize with clients and understand their unique needs ensures a tailored approach to every search. "I not only have a lot of good connections and can source, but I can really empathize and understand the right questions to ask them," Dan explains.

In a landscape inundated with job applications and candidate screenings, Dan's expertise streamlines the recruitment process, allowing clients to focus on strategic priorities while entrusting the search for top-tier talent to Monaghan-Phillips Executive Search.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering individuals to reach their full potential, Dan Monaghan continues to shape the future of executive search, one successful placement at a time.


Dan Monaghan

Managing Partner

Monaghan-Phillips Executive Search

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