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Top 100 People in Finance

Dan Van Ackeren


Dan Van Ackeren is an M&A specialist with Gottesman Company M&A, one of the world’s largest independent M&A firms. He is also a strategic advisor for ecosystem development across market verticals. He serves as a Strategic Advisor to the NFL Alumni Organization for Healthcare Initiatives and to the COO of Safr, Tiberius Vadan, previous Managing Director of Accordion Partners in NYC. With over a decade of experience in finance, Dan believes in always serving the client’s best interests over a deal and attributes his success to his philosophy of “relationships over transactions.”

As a healthcare authority with a doctorate in chiropractic and a business expert with an MBA from Texas Christian University, Dan brings his clients unique expertise in numerous sectors and valuable insight from multiple perspectives. His specializations extend across the health care continuum, to the technology space, including big data, blockchain, and AI, to life sciences, cybersecurity and the green sector—from hemp growers to extraction and cGMP manufacturing.

Dan works with entrepreneurs and CEOs of private companies who are exploring opportunities to sell their businesses or enter into a merger or joint venture arrangement. As a former entrepreneur himself, Dan has a profound understanding and appreciation for the particular challenges his clients often face. “I think the battle scars from my failures along with my DNA is the perfect match for handling the strategic exits of sellers through M&A,” Dan explains. “I connect and resonate well with other entrepreneurs and big market CEOs, and I give them candid and objective optics to understand their opportunities.”

Dan Van Ackeren

M&A Business Broker — Gottesman Company M&A Brokers

Dallas- Austin- New York City

LinkedIn: Dan Van Ackeren, DC, MBA

Facebook: Daniel Van Ackeren

Download the 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Dan's feature on page 102.

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