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Daniel Cardella

A polymath with a love of humanity, truth, and the possibilities for Raja Yoga to transform the world, Daniel John Cardella (branded “UNCLe D”), is the founder of, the first U.S. human development platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company with a scientific method for delivering individuals into peak performance, samadhi (bliss/nirvana/heaven), and persistent flow states. As the leader of this innovative company, Daniel specializes in peak performance, flow and awareness states, human dynamism, genius creation, and the practical melding of humanitarian ways of being. Along with his role as a speaker and the proprietary musings creator of Uncle D’s DiGiTaL DiaRy, his diverse professional background includes positions as an entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, reservoir energy engineer, data scientist, metaphysician, spiritualist, musician, and author. Set to release in 2022, his book, SaMaDHiYOU! & the ScuMMy, SeLFiSH, SiMPleToN, is a fun and effective guide for delivering readers into superlative states of peak-performance, pre-eminent health, and bliss.

Founded in 2015, specializes in educating, motivating, and en-training clients in the adoption of joy-state lifestyles that quickly convert dissonant brain, enteric nervous system (gut and body), and heart waves into resonance success. “We help people institute perfect decision-making by encouraging them to cycle flow-state play with learning by migrating from states of selfishness to states of generosity so that they may indulge in moment to moment joy and peak performance states” Daniel explains.’s limited partner metaphysicians and flow state business partners (ushers) have access to myriad benefits, including:

  • A turnkey, world-class human development content production company, which makes videos for clients and finds people who want to help others get into samadhi

  • A highly successful digital client/customer acquisition program, featuring live online bio-feedback, muse meditation, distributed yoga, and musical performance (dance, karaoke, comedy, and handpan)

  • An engineered samadhi acquisition protocol in a demonstrable wave resonance and ontological science (SaMaDHiYOU!) 

  • Back-office business billing and business development suites (initial Usher Partners granted up to 250 hrs. worth $1 million+ in UnCle D Human Development time to convert subscribing users) and 

  • A world-class thinking and self-realized Ṝaja yoga master (Daniel as Swami Devananda), who is dedicated to developing happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise flow state (samadhi inducement) Ushers and content consumers.

According to Daniel, “Flow states—characterized by selflessness, timelessness, and effortlessness—are what people experience when they feel their best, perform their best, and are wholly present.” At, flow state engineers evaluate and entrain the brain and enteric nervous system speeds in connection with various human behaviors. “As evidenced by corporate partner Muse, bio-feedback meditation devices enable pre-eminent health, brilliance, and peace/love states that are slow and low theta brain-wave speeds between 4 and 8 hertz,” Daniel explains. “Likewise, sickness, ignorance, and violence, caused by dysfunctional thinking and behavioral patterns, are fast-waved alpha and beta wavelengths ranging between 30 and 50+ hertz.”


Daniel and his team were able to assemble due to the knowledge and skill set he garnered throughout his career. During his time on Wall Street, he founded and led a direct-investments portfolio management position at Millennium Partners— a leading multi-asset hedge fund with assets of over $50 billion. Within this role, he learned the science and art of successful private-equity business strategy and execution. Following subsequent training as a reservoir engineer and machine learner, Daniel became deeply impressed with the need for a national human development industry and for humanity to engineer peak performance within the divine experience.

Today, Daniel is especially proud of his company’s scientific data and human development platform as a solution (PaaS) toward samadhi acquisition, moral decision making, and peak performance. All metaphysician ushers are invited to leverage their unique PaaS by exploring the joy of behavioral ways of being modalities—music, play, and machine learning—for evaluating perfect moral decision making and energetic bio-wave resonance within the human body. “It is our privilege to unleash individual divinity and the energetic power of classic ‘shaman & sexy witch’ iconographic behavioral modalities by leveraging contemporary energy economics, unified field mechanics, and the meditative sciences,” Daniel says.

Inquiries for all human development, muse (bio-feedback), meditation, and SaMaDHiYOU! are welcomed at

Daniel Cardella


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