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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Daniel McIntyre, P.Eng.

In his role as vice president and partner at 3GA Marine LTD (3GA), Daniel McIntyre challenges the tried and true methods of the Canadian marine ship building industry and offers technological advancements to bring a new era of creativity. Daniel encourages ideas and collaboration from both his customer’s and his team members to bring the project vision to reality while improving safety, delivering products faster, and economically and ultimately having fun while doing it.


Most recently, Daniel applied the 3D laser scanning concept to the marine marketplace and developed a service that enables ship owners to refit their vessels faster, cheaper and with less risk. After a few short years, this innovative method has fast become standard for refit engineering in Western Canada, with competing companies following suit. “The scanner is basically a camera that shoots lasers to record the exact position of any physical object or space. The spatial data is often referred to as a point cloud. 3GA uses this point cloud to develop refit engineering deliverables capable of an accuracy to production acceptable levels of 1mm. This powerful tool allows ship owners, shipyards and naval architects to pre-plan, pre-engineer, and pre-fabricate any retrofit project to unparalleled levels of efficiency and risk reduction.” Daniel explains.


3D scanning wasn’t enough for Daniel’s thirst for innovation. Along with his engineering team, they took the process one step further by adding a virtual reality component. This technology creates a new kind of engineering environment possible all but from a desk, it feels like you’re standing inside the ship and have access to all and any spatial information at a whim. This unprecedented level of awareness is the key to eliminating almost all errors in vessel refit design because perception is everything.


Daniel is always looking to the future and for ways that advancing technology can be integrated into the marine industry to solve problems and better service his customers. His current focus is developing a new 3GA drone surveying service to bring to the market. The drone will be used to supplement, and eventually replace, the need for surveyors to enter hazardous spaces for inspection work. Daniel explains “Safety is of the upmost importance, but it is also expensive. To eliminate this safety concern and its cost, we just need to eliminate the risk, let’s send in a drone to inspect instead.” Once the service is approved and running, Daniel expects to see a significant improvement in workplace safety numbers and cost savings for his customers. A win-win for everyone.


Another important way Daniel brings value to his team and his customer’s is his focus on aligning people’s aptitudes and interests with roles they enjoy doing. This brings a high level of creativity, results, and employee satisfaction and fulfillment. Working with his two business partner’s, David Stocks and David Mietla, and 25 employees, Daniel’s design firm works on a variety of vessels from ferries, patrol boats, workboats, and tugs to barges. The team strives to align product, price, and process with each customer’s individual need for quality, budget, and on-track schedules. As an international partner of Marine Professionals, 3GA provides services in engineering, project support, laser scanning and consulting to shipyards, ferry fleet owners, and tug and barge operators. They not only service the entire market in Canada, but they are also moving into the United States and other international markets.



Daniel McIntyre, P.Eng. 

Vice President

3GA Marine LTD

1525-3777 Kingsway

Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 3Z7


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Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Daniel's feature on page 91.

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