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Daniel appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Daniel Vendette

Daniel Vendette is president of Conseil 2.0, a Quebec-based advisory firm that specializes in offering strategy, implementation, management, and optimization services covering the entire supply chain, with specific focus on transportation, procurement, and systems related to transportation and procurement. With offices in Montreal and Quebec City, the company serves customers across North America, and it counts some of the biggest names in the marketplace among its clients, including Walmart, Quebec Liquor Board, and Lowe’s Canada.


Daniel leads a group of 10 highly experienced supply chain consultants who provide transportation and other categories procurement management services, transportation and supply chain strategies, and procurement through systems—running bids via Internet platforms such as Coupa CSO, Trade Extensions, Freightender, and BluJay Procurement. They also help customers with network design, run procurement events for customers, as well as offer category management solutions. “Clients come to us to get expert support for their decisions in terms of infrastructure and distribution to make their operation more efficient and cost effective,” he explains.

Conseil 2.0 is unique in its model, taking an unbiased, very mathematical approach—a departure from its industry counterparts. Daniel and his team don’t run off feelings. Rather everything is calculated via algorithms and uses the power of tools. They work with customers while using machines in the background to accomplish the success of their analysis. “We’re not biased at all. Some of the freight audit guys or brokers are biased. We are not. It’s not based only on economy but making sure that we cover capacity transportation. It is not only price, but culture, goals, capacity,” he shares.

Daniel is an entrepreneur at heart with an interest in transportation that began when he was just 12 years old and grew into a successful career that spans over three decades. “I was helping out on trucks for Cascade Paper, helping drivers, and touring the eastern U.S., unloading crates. That led me into transportation,” he shares. At 17, he joined his uncle at C.H. Robinson in dispatch and climbed up the ladder, eventually starting the company’s Canadian intermodal division and international division, touching every field of transportation along the way. Finally, he moved to the consulting side as transportation expert—a role that he has relished for the last 28 years.

In 2016, with a deep appreciation for the challenges that supply chain managers face in an increasingly competitive landscape, Daniel saw the need for more personalized attention to help companies optimize their operations. He set out to deliver tailored solutions to help them become more successful with the launch of Conseil 2.0. “I started the company because I was an entrepreneur working in a big consulting firm, but I didn’t have a ‘big firm’ mentality. I wanted to be more hands-on consulting, more strategic, and on a basis where we could help clients structure themselves without the larger fees,” he shares. “All companies want to save money in their operations. They are concerned they may not be optimizing their inventory distribution network, their transportation costs, their best practices, using the best computer systems. We’re here to help them.”

Daniel holds an MBA in transportation logistics from University of Québec in Montréal and as served as president for CITT Montreal area council, a non-profit professional development association in the supply chain industry.


Daniel Vendette

President — Conseil 2.0

7005 boul. Taschereau, Suite 256

Brossard, Québec J4Z 1A7



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