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Daniela Xavier

The second pedestrian platform in Union Station. The Regent Park revitalization. The Eglinton Light Rail West Portal and East portals. And many of Toronto’s downtown condominiums. Every one of these city fixtures feature the work of Daniela Xavier and her Geostructural engineering design firm, InGeo Design. In November 2012, Daniela took her 12 years of construction and engineering industry experience and founded InGeo. For the first four years, she ran everything herself and established herself and her firm as a knowledgeable and trustworthy provider of excavation support systems, a niche but crucial area for developers. InGeo’s services include design of caisson wall systems, traffic decking, micropiles, utility support, and excavation monitoring using inclinometers, vibration monitoring, and crack gauges. They also provide field review services and assistance with permit submissions. Her projects have encompassed the residential and commercial, as well as roadways, rail lines, bridges, and subways. These are all designed in-house, keeping neighboring buildings safe and stable as new construction takes place and ensuring safety for residents, workers, and commuters. And from there, their horizons have only expanded.


Today, still focusing on this area to deliver expertly tailored design solutions to clients, InGeo now has a dedicated, knowledgeable, and nimble team of six, and an ever-growing client base of general contractors, developers, and excavation shoring contractors. Their excellent work and rapid response time has earned them referrals time and again. “We really focus on our clients and strive to provide timely responses and submissions to keep up with the construction scheduling, which often happens very fast,” Daniela explains. And that timeliness, along with her experience in—and passion for—this unique field, has given them a significant competitive edge, providing those they work with a sense of trust and security while delivering quick solutions. InGeo’s small team also means that clients can be certain that they’ll get in touch with the right people directly, and can build a real relationship to get the cost-effective, practical, and safe solutions they need.


And while the work comes with its fair share of challenges, Daniela loves what she does, and takes pride in providing consistently excellent work for her clients and for those who live, travel, and work in Toronto, alongside her talented team.


Daniela Xavier

Founder —  InGeo Design



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