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Danielle Konechne

A Sioux Falls native with over 15 years of experience, Danielle Konechne’s passion for cultivating long-term relationships with clients while fulfilling their real estate dreams has made her a recognized leader in the real estate industry. As the co-owner of Fisher Sisters Real Estate, based in her hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Danielle is not only dedicated to her role as a top independent residential broker, but also as an advocate, champion, resource, and friend to every client she serves. With a thriving firm that has already served 120 clients and closed $35 million in transactions in just its first year, it’s clear that when Danielle co-founded Fisher Sisters on the value of “others first,” she meant it. Her military background and enthusiasm for Sioux Falls have equipped her to get the job done with a vast knowledge of today’s unique marketplace and with the highest levels of discipline, loyalty, and integrity.


Why did you decide to start your own brokerage?


It was timing. Fisher Sisters was growing, and we worked to be able to expand our brand and provide a higher level of service to our clients. After 15 years of doing business under other brokers’ expectations, Dana and I wanted the opportunity to redefine the client experience.


Shortly after opening your brokerage, you opened a second office location, correct?


Yes, we did. It was just the right opportunity at the right time. I feel right at home at the SD Military Heritage Alliance. Their mission is right in line with the Fisher Sisters’ mission, which is putting other’s first and serving the greater community.


What areas do you specialize in?


The specialties I really focus on are luxury, seniors, and my past clients. My past clients are the ones who have supported me and my business over the years. I cannot express how much I appreciate them and their loyalty. Dana and I want to convey to them that buying and selling is the first step in the process of working with us, not the last. We follow up with them and guide them for years to come. At Fisher Sisters our agents specialize, so they are able to assist with any real estate need in our market. We believe in helping our clients at the optimum level, so continuing to educate our agents is a high priority.


What makes your business, Fisher Sisters, so successful? How do you stand out from other similar businesses in the industry?


At Fisher Sisters, we are deeply invested in our clients’ lives and their futures. Our mission is pioneering change while bringing value and positively impacting people’s lives in our community. Our approach allows our clients to trust us and focus on the driving forces in their own lives. We don’t just “sell homes.” We make sure our clients understand the process and add value to their families and lifestyles. We offer a wide range of classes, a concierge service, and multiple locations for convenience.


We want to stay smaller because we want to be able to still serve our clients at the highest level. We decided a long time ago that if we’re going to spend this much time building a business, we want to adopt people into our little family and make it an extension of us, instead of them just being a transaction.

What compelled you to redefine the experience for your real estate clients?

We grew up in Sioux Falls, and our parents are from here, so we are truly invested in the community and what happens to our neighbors. We understand that people are typically going through a transition, like outgrowing their homes, trying to find new schools for their kids, or even losing family members. We’ve been successful at guiding them through those processes because we think in broader terms. For example, if I feel it’s not beneficial for a couple to sell their house, I will tell them other options or counsel them to stay within their budget. I’m a conservative person myself, and I want other people to get what they want and to enjoy their lives. This builds a trust with our clients.

Fisher Sisters has experienced stunning growth since its inception, and the outpouring of testimonials from your clients has been tremendous. To what do you attribute your success?

We always take things at least one step further. It doesn’t take a lot to make someones life easier or make the transaction smoother.  We have built a tremendous amount of relationships and have resources to assist our clients.  We also have relationships with home inspectors and mortgage lenders, so we connect our clients with people we know and trust. Thus making the process seamless.  Clients are already under stress they need to be reassured and confident in their realtor.  TV glamourizes real estate, and it is really the complete opposite.  We are really a part of the process of our clients lives and they are going through ups and downs even if they are excited about the purchase or the sale.  It is our job to be a pillar for our clients no matter what they are going through.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishments?


My greatest joy is being the mother of my two children, Tessa and Taeden, and I still have many things I would like to accomplish. I’ve been fortunate to have wonderful mentors throughout my life, and I aspire to be like them. Even in their greatest pain, they have ministered to me when I should have been comforting them. It doesn't make sense, but at the same time, it makes all the sense in the world. To me, putting others first is a life well-lived.



Danielle Konechne

Owner and Broker

Fisher Sisters Real Estate

Sioux Falls, SD

website: https://fishersisters.com

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