Danny appears in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine

Danny Frye

The Real Estate Advisor

Realtor: EXIT Realty Preferred - Fayetteville, NC

Commercial Broker/Owner: Sequoia Solutions, LLC

Owner : Paradise Capital Investments, LLC

Why do you brand yourself as The Real Estate Advisor?

Most people do not understand real estate markets nor the position of their homes, which in most cases is the most expensive asset they own. As The Real Estate Advisor, I provide a professional insight and guidance similar to that of a financial advisor,  just in the facet of real estate.  It allows people to take a look at their primary residence as more of an investment asset that can be monitored just as you would a stock portfolio.  Additionally, I work with clients to develop custom investment strategies in real estate that work within their means and risk tolerance.

Tell us about EXIT Realty and how you fit into the organization.

EXIT Realty Corp International is located in Missasauga, Canada, with independently owned offices all over Canada and the United States. I knew I would go into real estate when I retired from the military. When I met with the team at Exit Realty Preferred, the first thing I noticed was that it was a family-oriented organization focused on building and keeping personal relationships. That was important to me because I wanted be associated with an empathy driven company that focuses on providing the best possible representation, while also affording me the  opportunity to personally brand. The culture and atmosphere there were unique; they ALWAYS put the client first and treat their clients as family.

What is the mission of Sequoia Solutions, LLC?

Sequoia Solutions is the commercial division of Exit Realty Preferred, recently established by a team comprised entirely of investors. Along with my partners, Chris Young and Jamie Tilke, we are investors first, but we are also brokers. We have the experience and passion from an investor perspective, so we can expertly advise people on their investments by creating proven strategies and building individual investment plans.  

What business/marketing tools have you used to promote your brand?

One of the things that we did immediately that generated great success and credibility was embracing LinkedIn. I devoted a lot of time to make people aware of what we do and to help them understand our different strategies. The most impactful tool for success so far has been LinkedIn. However, I am working with a specialized marketing team comprised of the Kali Payton Media Group and Antony Zamaora, along with Mr. Antrepreneur, to refine my brand, speak on various podcast and YouTube channels, and launch my own YouTube channel in the near future.

What is your role at Paradise Capital Investments?

I am the managing member of Paradise Capital Investments, LLC.  The main focus in this business is rehabilitating distressed properties and either renting or selling it for a profit to generate wealth and income.  This model has afforded me the opportunity to service clients that are looking for a higher caliber home at a lower price point.  We work with clients that are looking for a particular area or school district, but cannot find an quality property at an affordable price. With support from Paradise Capital, I can purchase the home, complete the rehab, and “ Danny Frye the Real Estate Advisor” will broker the transaction, so they can get a high quality house in an area that is important to the client.  My role and experience with Paradise Capital Investments, LLC also provides a degree of credibility as a real estate advisor.

How is your military background pertinent to the way you do business?

I spent 20 years in the United States Army with the last eight years in Special Operations. Two thirds of my team has prior military experience. My partner, Jamie, is concluding 24 years of service, all of which have been in Special Operations. The Special Operations background has provided us with a desire to win at all costs and it translates into how we represent our clients. At the same time, it has given us the ability to communicate with people on a personal level and develop a mutual trust with our clients.  Our core moral values are reflected throughout Exit Realty Preferred, Sequoia Solutions, and Paradise Capital Investments.  We always want to add more value than we feel our compensation warrants, and want people to see how we go above and beyond and to know and feel that we genuinely have their best interest at heart. 

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