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Darren Nasatir

President, Urban Commercial Property Group Inc.

As president of Urban Commercial Property Group Inc., Darren Nasatir’s primary focus is new business and client relations. Since its launch in 2012, Urban Commercial Property Group has grown from a one-man brokerage to a full-service commercial real estate firm with a highly experienced team of employees.

Nasatir has guided the company to become an industry-leading boutique full-service commercial real estate firm. His efforts have led to the ownership, management and leasing of more than $50-million in assets.  As an industry leader, Nasatir explains that his team takes risks and considers properties that others in the industry discard, then implements “Class A” amenities, white glove management and finishes found in Class A buildings. “Our market advantage is we bring affordable and beautifully maintained properties to people in our neighborhoods that can’t be in the Class-A budget space, but still want to be in extremely presentable, amenity-rich buildings.” He adds, “I am always looking for ways to improve the buildings we own and manage, and I like to be proactive by embracing trends and technologies often before they’re mainstream.” As the manager of the firm’s direct ownership portfolio, Nasatir oversees retention as well as transaction and asset management.

In addition to his personal commitment and drive, Nasatir credits his business success to the collaborative effort of his team.  He explains that, over the years, together they have turned the company into what it is today: “I rely heavily on my team and do my best to foster self-development. I believe that my people strive for the best because that’s what we offer and that’s what we want to be.” The one team philosophy is highly valued within his business model and, Nasatir reflects, “Our passion for delivering service and fostering teamwork while managing high risk, high reward purchases have contributed to outstanding revenue growth for our portfolio. Under my direction we have exceeded direct ownership of $25-million in assets.”

The success of his business and the collaboration of his team is a result of the elite leadership that Nasatir exhibits in every aspect of his personal and professional life and it is apparent as he shares his pride: “My team is incredible and I look forward to what the future holds for all of us.”

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Nasatir was the recipient of the Costar Power Broker Award in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018 and received national recognition in Real Estate Forum’s Top 50 under 40 in Commercial Real Estate in 2017.

Darren Nasatir - President

Urban Commercial Property Group

1258 W Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL 60067


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