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Dave Bulmer


Dave Bulmer knows there’s strength in numbers. Strength that can be harnessed as a catalyst for social change, professional growth, and creating a better future. He understands how beneficial it can be for workers when they unionize, and as president and CEO of AMAPCEO (A-map-see-oh), he’s on the forefront of shaping those benefits for more than 15,000 professionals who work for the Ontario government and its agencies in communities across the entire province.

AMAPCEO is Ontario’s professional employees’ union. Since its establishment in 1992, AMAPCEO has been purposefully organizing white-collar knowledge workers and giving them a collective voice. Under Dave’s leadership, the union has grown its membership by an impressive 45% in the last eight years. This growth has undoubtedly been bolstered by the alignment of AMAPCEO’s interest-based, problem-solving approach and Dave’s ability to effectively communicate while building trusting relationships. “The core of what I do is problem-solving, something we do with more of a business acumen than traditional union negotiations,” he says. “We find creative solutions that work for everyone. Building the relationships necessary to get there is something I take very seriously. We’ve been successful without having to be militant, and we’ve never had to go on strike.”

Dave led AMAPCEO in crafting the union’s four mission critical cornerstones, the guidelines under which all union actions are executed. These cornerstones are labor relations, member engagement and education, outreach and communication, and governance and equity—all of which are essential for the union to continue driving social change for a better tomorrow. Dave envisions progressive hybrid workplaces for unionized workers, where they can collaborate in traditional office settings to evaluate their team’s objectives, then execute their individual tasks independently in remote, focused, work environments. “We’re making progress in a variety of ways,” Dave says. “We’re the vanguard of the future of work—everything we accomplish will benefit those who come after us.”

Dave holds an executive MBA, several labor relations certifications, and an Institute of Corporate Directors designation. He also sits as a director of the Ontario Pension Board, and frequently lectures on effective leadership, labor relations, and public policy at several colleges and universities across Ontario and is a regular guest speaker and moderator on public policy panels.

Dave Bulmer

President & CEO — AMAPCEO – Ontario’s Professional Employees



Twitter: @bulmerdave

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