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David Arena

David Arena is the CEO and founder of Alcove Media Company, a Philadelphia-based real estate media and photography company that provides high-quality digital photography, video, virtual tours, virtual staging, and other digital media for agents, realtors, and home owners in the area, helping them sell their properties faster by helping them look their absolute best. After working in the trenches as a real estate agent, six years ago, David used this insight to launch a company that gives people the most critical tool with which to sell their homes—gorgeous visual depictions that capture not only the amenities of a property, but the lifestyle that it invites. Today, David and his team photograph about 1,000 homes every month, with much of their work splashed across popular sites like Zillow. With astounding growth of 40% each year since its founding—without marketing—Alcove has been named the best Philadelphia real estate photography company five years in a row, and David himself has been named best real estate photographer in Philadelphia, as well.


David, a military veteran, founded Alcove in 2015 after first wading into the photography field the year prior, when he was working as a real estate agent. He saw that digital media like photography and virtual tours, then a new marketing angle, was a real need in the Philadelphia market. Without any experience behind the camera, David set out to teach himself photography. He borrowed a friend’s camera and discovered that he not only enjoyed photography, but had a knack for it, and noticed that by simply taking photos of every property, he started selling homes faster. Soon, photography became the full focus of his business. He pivoted to a purely photographic role, began hiring team members, and launched what is now a thriving, award-winning company.


David attributes the success of Alcove to the talent and dedication of his team of photographers and editors and their tight focus on real estate. “We’re a photography company at heart that focuses on real estate,” he says. “We hire great people who stay with us, and we create a place where people want to work and just have a lot of fun.”


David Arena

CEO & Founder — Alcove Media Company

Website: www.alcovemedia.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcharlesarena

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidcharlesarena

Instagram: Alcove_Media

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