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David Duma


“Semper Amicus,” or “Always Forward,” is the philosophy by which David Duma lives his life and runs his brewery. This guiding principle has taken David from craft beer hobbyist to brewmaster, owner, and founder of Gideon’s Brewing Company, located in the heart of Bismarck, North Dakota.


David spent 20 years piloting helicopters in the U.S. Marines before retiring to Virginia Beach, where he and a friend developed an interest in craft beer. As David began homebrewing, that interest grew into a passion, and after returning to his roots in North Dakota, he accomplished what, for most, remains only a hopeful dream: opening his own brewery. Thus began Gideon’s Brewing Company, which David founded in 2018, allowing him to also put his master’s degree in financial management to good use.  Gideon’s opened with just five brews on tap, expanding to 17 taps after moving to their current location in Bismarck. They exclusively serve craft beer and hard seltzer that have been brewed in-house.


Gideon’s is a popular stop for locals and tourists alike. They offer tours of the brewing room, explaining the brewing process and the different types of beers and hard seltzers they make. To date, Gideon’s has brewed over 600 different varieties, with a new batch released every Tuesday. “We are mostly known for our sour ales and seltzers, but we like to experiment with almost all beer styles. Every week we brew one or two new test batches. If they go over well, we brew full batches that we add to our selection,” he said. This has drawn the attention of many beer enthusiasts who come to sample the new releases, rating them through the app Untapped. David values his customers’ feedback, having made many batches based on their suggestions. A top-selling local favorite—Mango Habanero Sour Ale—came from this very process, when, after tasting the new recipe, a customer suggested the addition of a little heat. Other favorites include the Honey Bear IPA and their Oktoberfest brew, which is released each fall.


Also popular with regulars is their Mug Club, with over 300 current members. Purchase of a lifetime membership provides patrons with their own, personal mug to use at each visit. “The Mug Club is almost like a Cheers atmosphere. A lot of friends are made in this group, and it builds camaraderie between our customers,” David said. Additionally, Gideon’s brews are available for take-home purchase in a growler—a resealable, refillable, glass container. Pick-up orders can be placed by phone or through Facebook or Instagram messenger.


While his daily activities are guided by “Semper Anticus,” David has not forgotten “Semper Fi” and its importance throughout his 20 years in the Marine Corps. Today, that sense of loyalty is focused on his growing Gideon’s tribe and on the community. He’s very involved in local events and trade shows and, through Gideons’ Brewing Company, gives back to the community that supports him every chance he gets.


David Duma

Owner and Founder
Gideon's Brewing Company

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