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David M. Tamm

David M. Tamm has a CV that would humble even the most accomplished leaders in the real estate industry, but his goal is not to intimidate. It is to propel this oftentimes archaic sector forward. And if anyone is qualified and capable of doing this, it’s David.

Over the course of his career, David has founded or co-founded five successful companies, and through them, as well as in complement of them, he has acquired voluminous expertise in technology and technology startups, project and program management, marketing research, and innovations in the digital space. Through it all, he’s maintained a laser focus on the future, with the goal of making the world a better place through technology. This is not someone to be called a “thought leader.” This is a man who can only be described as a “thought pioneer.”

While it is not his only endeavor to profoundly impact the level of his proficiency, one particular venture provided David with a rare, behind-the-curtain view of where the fundamental mechanics of real estate technology exist. It was as a co-founder of Firepoint Solutions, one of the top five real estate CRM platforms in the country. In this role, David managed the paid advertising department, oversaw millions of dollars in advertising spend, was responsible for the entire MLS coding division, and trained software engineers from around the world on U.S. MLS/RETS architecture. In the course of these duties, and as a nationally recognized authority on MLS data structure and implementation, David became familiar with the many challenges inherent in his field. Leveraging his experience, he now works diligently to help others resolve them through information and education. 

We spoke with David to learn more about his companies, and how he is using them to drag the real estate industry out of the dark ages with data, science, and proof.

David, let’s start by introducing your other enterprises. Can you tell us a little about them?

I am the co-founder of CAST Services, which is one of the fastest-growing, research-driven technology firms in the real estate space. We serve over 370 markets and have experienced massive national growth in just a few years. CAST offers consulting services and business intelligence to real estate professionals and related sectors so they can become, or stay, relevant in this highly competitive field. We provide systems automation, technology integration, Ai driven SEO, bespoke websites, business performance audits, as well as several other integral services. It’s a comprehensive solution that ultimately improves the overall performance of the individuals and businesses who operate in this ever-evolving arena.

I am also the founder and CEO of Pencerita, which is a legacy preservation platform designed to put users back in control of their narrative, data, and content. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this platform in the coming months and years. Stay tuned.

Ownership Financial, which I co-founded, is an exciting new concept in bringing opportunity for real estate professionals to participate in the mortgage and insurance industry. This, too, has experienced explosive growth over last several years, with a footprint currently in 28 states. I have numerous other projects at various stages of growth, and always open to chatting with other serial entrepreneurs and do-gooders.

You recently published the book, SEO for Real Estate Agents in a Hurry. What is it about?

The book is about search engine optimization in the real estate space. Recent search algorithm shifts and seismic movement in paid advertising have changed the SEO landscape, and many are just not keeping up. I share the latest real estate-based SEO strategies, tactics, and advice to equip the reader with the tools to compete at a higher level, as larger companies begin to enter their market and apply pressure to their business model.

We were surprised to learn about your background—before the companies and notoriety in the real estate industry. Can you tell us a little about it?

I don’t come from a privileged background. I grew up with just enough to succeed, and had to forge my own path through tireless work, creativity, and dedication. I joined the Air Force in my 20’s, which was one of the greatest decisions of my life. I graduated at the top or near the top of everything I did on the enlisted and officer side. I served for over nine years, initially as an F-15 fuels mechanic, and then crossing over to commission and become an air battle manager, which is an expert in airborne command and control, air surveillance, electronic warfare, and airborne weapons capabilities. After the military, I started Firepoint Solutions with family. During this entire time, I was a full-time college student, pursuing my three degrees. I brought all this experience to real estate, which makes me unique among my peers in that I have an extremely wide lens through which I view the business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

What would you say are the greatest achievements in your career and in your personal life? 

Professionally, it’s teaching. I enjoy making other people better at what they do and enriching their personal and professional lives. I make it a priority to mentor others and to share all this experience I’ve been fortunate enough to gain. It has also been a total privilege and incredible learning experience understanding how to take an idea and turn it into a highly successful enterprise in a very short period of time. This is what we’re working on right now with Pencerita, with the goal of making the world a better place.

On a personal level, it’s my marriage. I’ve worked 70–80+ hour weeks for decades to master my craft and build something good for the world. My marriage is still a huge priority and I aspire to be a great husband and loving Corgi Dad every single day. I love you, Madison!

David is currently pursuing his MBA and has attended CU Boulder, Auburn, University of Maryland, and four other institutions of higher learning. He is actively involved in PhD level research, is working on a second book, and truly cares about making the real estate industry and the world as a whole a better place.

David M. Tamm, CEO

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